5+ Best Hamster Cages for Large Hamsters

Hamsters are the most tiny adorable pets among people. From children to adults, all love their tiny pocket friends.

So when you bring a pocket friend at home, it is your responsibility to provide them with a comfortable habitat.

Best Hamster Cages
for Large Hamsters

Therefore you need to choose the best hamster cage considering their sizes, which should be large, strong, and made with safe and good material.

Basically, there are different types of hamster breeds available in the pet shop.

All over that, if you have a large hamster like a Syrian Hamster and one of the other large species. You will need a large hamster cage.

Other than that, if we talk about their nature, hamsters are very active rodents, and they run very actively.

If you give them a small cage, it will not be a perfect decision for their habitat. A big size hamster cage fulfills their habitual activities.

So, in this post, we researched deeply and got 5+ Best Hamster Cages that could be a perfect home for your little furry friends.

“Are you in a hurry? So, you can buy a large hamster cage one of these without thinking twice.”

All-time best large hamster cages

Niteangel Bigger World

Niteangel Bigger World
  • Made with wooden.
  • Different sizes 30″, 39.4″, 47.20″ L
  • Easy to top open.
  • Suitable for all hamsters.

Amazon Basics Top Access

Amazon Basics Top Access Large Hamster Cage
  • Made with plastic+wire.
  • Different sizes 31.7″, 42.1″, 48.6″ L
  • Easy to top open.
  • Suitable for all hamsters.

Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

Ferplast Favola Large Hamster Cage
  • Made with a plastic deep base and wire.
  • One size 23.6″ L
  • Easy to top open.
  • Suitable for all hamsters.

If you want to do research yourself, so for that keep some points in your mind before buying a large hamster cage.

How to select the perfect hamster cage

Obviously, there are different types of hamster cages available in offline and online stores.

But before purchasing these enclosers for your hamster you need to verify some key points.

#1. Size of hamster cages

Sometimes, you may be confused about taking the hamster enclosers suitable for the little furry friend. A perfect size of enclosed makes your hamster healthy and feel very happy.

This is because hamsters are very active rodents and they need a big area to live in.

There are different size cages for different hamsters. Below you can check the minimum size required encloser which is suitable for different hamster breeds.

  1. For Large Hamster Cage Floor Minimum Size: 775 sq. in. / 5,000 sq. cm
  2. For Small Hamster Floor Cage Minimum Size: 615 sq. in. / 3,968 sq. cm

Not only floor space but the height and width are also considerable.

You keep in mind, that a hamster cage should be a minimum of 15″ wide and its height should be about 12″ perfect.

You can spread bedding 6″ in height and your hamster can use their activities on the leftover space.

#2. Built-in Quality Hamster Enclosure

It is the most considerable point because if your hamster cage’s built quality is not good, your pocket friend might hurt themselves from cage bars, and so on.

So, always try to check the hamster enclosures’ Material Quality and Sturdiness; the bars are perfectly scrubbed and covered with non-rusty material.

All material wires are smoothened and not no sharp area is available.

#3. Chew Proof Or Not

With all these, you need to check that the base material is made with solid and thick.

Otherwise, it could happen when your pocket companion burrows and chews its base, they can easily make a hole in it and will run out.

When you go to feed them, you will surprised Aww! Where is my hammie?

#4. Air Ventilate & Easy to Open

Unfortunately, on the purchasing time, if you ignore the air ventilation in the hamster cage, you make the wrong purchase.

It is necessary to have air ventilation in hamster enclosures. Fully closed enclosers cause your hammie’s death.

It is essential, that there is air ventilation in the hamster cage. With this, the hamster cage is easy to open.

#5. Easy to Clean

Of course, you are a hamster lover, so you do need to clean its bedding at a time interval. To keep this in mind, always purchase an easy to clean enclosures.

So, these are some major points that you need to keep in mind when going to purchase a perfect hamster cage.

As usual, you can do your own research and check, the best cages or terrariums for your hamsters.

If you don’t want to take a headache then we have mentioned 5+ best hamster cages for large hamsters below.

By the way, you can use these large cages for all hamster species but these can become a good habitat for large hamsters (Syrian Hamsters).

You need to check these big cages for your hamsters and pick one of them without thinking twice.

#1. Niteangel Bigger World Hamster Cage

Niteangel Bigger World Hamster Cage

Niteangel Bigger World

Of course, Niteangle’s large cage is famous for small rodents. It is covered with PVC sheets, which provide you with an amazing look. you can look through, what your hamster doing.

Dimensions47.2″L x 19.7″W x 23.6″H
MaterialsEngineered Wood, Polyvinyl Chloride
Suitable forDwarf and Syrian Hamster

Niteangle Bigger World is an amazing wooden and PVC-made Hamster Cage. You can put lots of bedding for your little companions, which they can burrow deep down.

It is big enough to put into a playing wheel, water bottle, and food bowls.

The most interesting thing about it is PVC-Wall. When you provide this large enclosure to your hamster you are able to see how they dig burrows.

you can assemble it easily by yourself. your hamster never feels suffocated because It has a full ventilation system.

I highly recommend to you Niteangle Bigger World Hamster Cage for your large Syrian hamster.

If you have a dwarf hamster breed, nothing is worried. It is suitable for both.

You can give your living room an extra sleeky look by putting on this Best Niteangle Large Hamster Cage.


  • Made with wood and PVC, which gives a sleeky look.
  • Big in size, so you can use it for dwarf and Syrian Hamster.
  • PVC windows provide an Awful moment when a hamster digging tunnels.
  • Top open and ventilation give the hamster a natural feel.
  • Easy to build, with no need for extra tools and guidance.


  • Sometimes it becomes heavy when need to move to a different place. (But you can use Supplement Universal Wheel.)

#2. Ferplast Favola Large Hamster Cage

Ferplast Favola Large Hamster Cage

Ferplast Favola Large Hamster Cage

This cage comes with all accessories such as a water bowl, food bowl, hideaway, and a running wheel.
Its major point is, that you can extend it by attaching an extra tube.

Dimensions23.6″L x 11.8″W x 14.4″H
Bars Gap0.25 Inches
Suitable forDwarf and Syrian Hamster

If your hamster’s temporary home becomes very small, then you need to upgrade it with a Ferplast Favola Large Hamster Cage.

It becomes a perfect large hamster enclosure with two separate containers, one is the base and the other is the top bar cage surroundings.

The deep base is enough deep to put extra bedding for the hamster, with it, they dig deeply.

It is an awesome thing about Ferplast Favola that they include a food dish, water bottle, hideaway, a 5.5-inch exercise wheel & a connecting port for play tubes to connect to other hamster cages.

Cleaning is very easy because you can separate both the top and bottom portions.

So, it is the best part, which I love most.


  • It is enough big for a large hamster.
  • Built with plastic and metal wires, so easy to move.
  • Both the top panel and bottom base disconnect easily, which gives an easy cleaning.
  • Connecting ports is an amazing thing. By that, we can connect to other small cages or play on the tube.


  • You will need to change the water bottle and running wheel because they are small.

#3. Amazon Basics Large Hamster Cage

Amazon Basics Large Hamster Cage

Amazon Basic Large Cage

Mostly people love this cage because of its build quality. Easy to movable, and two doors provide an extra space for cleaning.

Dimensions(A). 31.7″L x 21.8″W x 18.1″H, (B). 42.1″L x 19.7″W x 24.2″H, (C). 48.6″L x 26.6″W x 20.6″H
MaterialsPlastic and Metal Wire
Suitable forDwarf and Syrian Hamster

Unfortunately, it is out of stock on Amazon but at this price, Amazon Basic Hamster Cage is one of the best cages in the Plastic and Metal Wire cage segment.

You can check its price and build quality by yourself.

You can use it as a travel cage because it is lightweight and durable. Amazon Basic Cage is perfect for a large hamster.

It comes in different sizes. So, before purchasing this cage, you need to check how big an enclosure you need, according to hamster breeds.

Its front opening gives you and your hamster perfect feeding and accessibility.

It is a good thing that the Amazon Basic Large Hamster Cage comes with a non-drip water bottle, hay guard, and balcony with an access ramp and tip-proof food bowl.

I highly recommend you purchase this whenever it comes in stock.


  • Comes at a very affordable price.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • Sturdy and good material quality.
  • Easy to clean.


  • No.

#4. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Cage

Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Cage

Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Cage

It is simple and lightweight. Its main quality is, that there is no need for extra tools to assemble it. Just hinge the clips in a plastic base, that’s it.

Dimensions32.5″L x 19″W x 17.5″H
MaterialsPlastic and Metal Wire
Bars Gap9.5 Millimeters
Suitable forDwarf and Syrian Hamster

I love one thing which is its two doors. One is on the loft top and another one is on the side.

Two doors make it easier to do anything, it can be feeding, cleaning, or other activities. I think you also love this.

However, it is also made of a plastic base and metal wire loft. It is very easy to assemble its own.

The upper metal bar loft comes with an attachment clip, which can easily be fixed in the plastic base. You don’t need any extra tools to assemble.

It is enough large for dwarf and Syrian Hamsters. The deep plastic base is the perfect depth that can fill with full bedding.

Therefore, it could be a good size for your hamster and I highly recommend it to you.


  • Two doors are set up, and easy to access.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easily movable.
  • Sturdy and stable.


  • Hamsters can chew cage metal wires.

#5. Kaytee CritterTrail One Level Habitat

Kaytee CritterTrail One Level Habitat

Kaytee CritterTrail One Level Habitat e1696571197311

The color combination can be attractive to your children. It comes with some extra add-ons, which allow you to show additional creativity.

Dimensions20″L x 11″W x 11″H
MaterialsDifferent color plastic and Metal Wire
Color6 Millimeters
Suitable forDwarf and Syrian Hamster

Kaytee CritterTrail One Level Habitat comes in different sizes. Here we reviewed 20″L Kaytee CritterTrail Hamster Cage, which is good for all types of hamster breeds.

One thing is most adorable, that is its multicolor. It is built with multicolor plastic on the upper loft and bottom base.

It is most lovable among children. They enjoy these colors with their pet hammie.

The wires of this cage are covered with a safety coating, that provides extra security and safety.

If your children want to do their creative activity then Kaytee CritterTrail has extra addons. With these, your child can customize its design.

Another benefit, you can expand it with attached to other small or big habitats.

It is not expensive, you can buy it as an extra extended hamster cage.


  • Looking very colorful.
  • Sturdlyness and very lightweight.
  • Comes with add-ons, So you can extend it.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Metal bars covered with safety coating.


  • You need to make some extra effort to see what your hamster doing due to its color combination.

#6. LURIVA Transparent Hamster Cage

LURIVA Transparent Hamster Cage

LURIVA Transparent Hamster Cage

It has become a cute and decorative hamster cage for your living room. Acrylic surroundings give you an eye-catching look.

Dimensions23.6″L x 14.4″W x 14.8″H
MaterialsWood, Acrylic
Suitable forDwarf and Syrian Hamster

If you want a cut and aesthetic look into your living area with a hamster cage. LURIVA Transparent Hamster Cage can fulfill your dreams.

It is made of wooden and Acrylic Plastic which makes it transparent from all sides.

The design of this LURIVA Transparent Large Hamster Cage is a small house type.

When I researched it, some people were confused with a small query which is acrylic sheet film related.

Commonly people say that there is no attachment to removing acrylic sheet white films.

But it is very common to just use any sharp thing and remove it from any corner easily.


  • It looks very cute and aesthetic.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Perfect for the living room.
  • Fully transparent, so you can see what your hamster does.


  • Maybe hamsters scratch cage acrylic sheets, but if you cut their nail, it will not happen.

Final Words

Although, in this post, we mention, 5+ best large hamster cages, which are sturdy, durable, good inbuilt quality, and easy to clean.

All of the above enclosures are fully researched, and best of our knowledge. You can go with one of them.

Even now, if you want to research on your behalf, you can check all these large hamster cages one by one and choose the best large cage for your lovely little companion.

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