6+ Best Hamster Travel Cages | Transport Your Hamster Safely

Do you like traveling? If you love traveling and also have a small furball then it could be a tricky task for you. For this, you should need to choose the best hamster travel cages.

best hamster travel cages for transport your hamster safely

There are lots of cages available in the market, so it could be difficult for you to choose the perfect travel cage with high quality and durability.

To make your research easier, I am here with you.

In this article, I’ll tell you the best hamster travel cages which are suitable for almost every situation.

Why do you need the best hamster travel cages?

It is necessary to take care of your hamster. When you are going on a short trip or near the vet for a daily hamster checkup, it is necessary to use a perfect hamster cage.

It’s not a good decision, we put our lovely pocket friend in that enclosure which goes down with a couple of uses or is dangerous for hamster health.

Neither use that type of cage in which hamsters escape easily.

We need to use a comfortable and durable hamster cage that is not made with any toxic material.

So, let’s check in deep...

to Select Hamster Travel Cages: Remember These Points

Whenever you go to buy a hamster travel carrier, you should need to consider a couple of things in mind.

The built-in quality material, the cage size, ventilation type, and attachment equipment.

Because hamsters are little rodents they need extra care. Therefore, we need to choose a perfect habitat to provide them comfort wherever we go.

Now, you need to check these key factors, before buying any hamster enclosure.

How to Select Hamster Travel Cages

#1. Material Quality

When you buy hamster travel cages, the priority is its material quality. Never try to use loose fiber-made travel enclosers, it can harm your pocket friends’ feet.

Neither use metal wire cages, in which the space is big between cage wires.

You should go with a High-quality fiber-made hamster cage, or if you want to buy a metal hamster travel carrier, you need to cover its cage bar space with extra.

Plastic travel cage is made with low-quality fiber, so hamsters can easily chew it and they can able to escape.

On the other side, never use a hamster travel vet cage that is made of toxic material, even not use a metal cage that is coated with toxic paint on the wires.

If your hamster chews cage bars, it could be dangerous for their health.

#2. Cage Size

The second and most important thing is the perfect cage size. Nor it should be as big as it is creating problems for you, and neither it be as small as hamsters feel suffocated.

So, the perfect size is the most important thing.

The perfect size of hamster travel enclosed is 10X10 or 14X14 It is good for you and your hamster too.

That size is perfect, you can easily put it on your lap or your hamster can easily do any activity in it.

#3. Good Air Flow

Never use a fully closed hamster travel cage, otherwise, it creates lots of problems for you and your pocket friend.

It creates bad smells that disturb you, and without proper ventilation, hamsters feel suffocated.

So, it’s time to choose a perfect ventilated travel cage.

It is necessary to ensure that the cage has enough holes to feel fresh air and the entrance is big enough for your hammie to spend a comfortable travel time with you.

But along this, the cage holes should not be as as big the hamster feet get stuck in them.

#4. The Necessary Attachment

When you put your hamster in a travel cage, it will ensure that it is full of hamster-playing toys, such as running the wheel, food bowl, water bottle, some chewing sticks, and as you want.

Never put the hamster in an empty cage, otherwise, the hamster feels alone in the travel carrier, and their activities can annoy you a lot.

So, before putting your hamster into a travel cage, prepare the cage properly with the hamster’s necessary attachment items.

#5. A Deep Bottom

At driving time, when you travel on the road there are some rough places, so if you do not use a deep bottom cage it creates lots of bounces for your cute little friend.

Take a deep bottom hamster travel cage and fill enough bedding in it, which reduces jumping and your hamster feels comfortable.

Whenever you go outside the home either for treatment or just for a short trip, it is important to remember to give a comfortable trip to your hamster.

#6. It Should be Lightweight

Of course, weight is pinpointed for travel cages because heavy cages may have become the perfect habitat for hamsters but it is not good for pet owners.

So, consider, buying a lightweight hamster travel carrier which you can easily bring wherever you want to travel.

These are some major points to consider when at the time of buying the best hamster cage for your little companion.

Below I also told you about some hamster travel cages, that might become the perfect hamster travel carrier.

You should check these hamster travel enclosers.

Best Hamster Travel Cages: Check Out

We also discuss how to choose a perfect hamster travel cage for our hammy.

Here I told you some of the best hamster travel carriers, that I have found after doing some research and reading others’ reviews.

So, let’s check out…

1. Habitrail OVO Transport Unit for Hamster Cage

If you are going on a short trip or near the vet, just for a check-up, then it is good for your hamster. It is very small almost 8.5 inches.

So, you can use the Ovo transport unit as a carrier.

hamster travel carrier

There is not enough space for extra attachments so you can use two types:

1. As the Only Travel Carrier

Only just put bedding in it and bring your hamster on a short trip.

2. Travel Carrier with Sand Bath Room

I love the main benefit it is, that your hammy can get a sand bath during the short trip. For this, just put sand in place of bedding and put your hamster in it.

Your hamster can enjoy taking a sand bath along with digging and sitting in it.

You can just use it as a temporary travel carrier for the “short trips only for 1-2 hours.”

Although, it has proper ventilation. You can buy or check the price on the Amazon store very easily.

2. Kaytee Take Me Home Hamster Travel Cage

Kaytee Take Me Home is big enough, so you can easily add extra attachments. The major benefit is it has a deep bottom.

So, you can put in extra bedding to make your hamster comfortable even accident road.

Large access doors provide you with the ease of cleaning and handling activities.

hamster travel cage

Kaytee Take Me Home, is made with metal wires, that give your little companion a fully breathable habitat.

I assure you that your little buddy never disappoint you if you take it together in Kaytee Take Me Home Hamster Travel Small Cage.

Even you can use the Kaytee Take Me Home Travel Carrier in flight if you travel from one country to another.

It easily fits under the traveler’s seat. There are two sizes available on the Amazon Store, you can buy them according to your use.

(You can check the exact hamster travel cage on Amazon Store, and check the reviews as well.)

PinPoint: – For more fastening safety, just use ties from top to bottom.

3. Lekesky Travel Pet Carrier for Small Animals

The first benefit is you can use it in airlines because it is airline-approved and is also designed for major airline carriers.

hamster travel carrier

In Lekesky Travel Pet Carrier, your hamster can get in and out from the top, so it is easy to access.

It is made with a sturdy metal wire frame with a cozy mat that gives extra comfort to your little buddy.

Fully ventilated and you can easily keep an eye on your lovely furball.

Eventually, it has cool side pockets, which you can use to put in some extra materials such as chewing toys, wheels, and much more. That’s great.

Not even hamsters, you can put big animals in it.

Lekesky Travel Pet Carrier has wheels and a telescopic handle so, you can pull it, and travel with it wherever you want.

If suddenly your mind changes you can hang it on the shoulder just using two shorter handles.

A couple of downsides are that the Lekesky Travel Pet Carrier is made with cloth material so it a chance that the hamster may chew and teardown it.

Sometimes it is enough big, which means it creates some difficulty in handling the hamster in it.

But if you have two or more pets at home then it is a good choice to buy Lekesky Travel Pet Carrier.

Maybe it is not as good as the above Kaytee Take Me Home Hamster Travel Cage, but you should check it on Amazon Store and its reviews as well.

Then decide which one is perfect in your budget and good to go.

4. Kaytee CritterTrail Off To School Travel Carrier for Pet Hamsters

Kaytee CritterTrail Off To School design is awesome, if you buy it then you realize that you have a small school bus and your hamster is a school kid.

hamster travel cage

Off to School Hamster Travel Carrier plays a connecting role between the Vet office and home.

It comes in different colors like yellow and red.

It could be difficult to manage for children because it has a backside push-open door and is detached from the bottom.

You can use it only for short trips because it is small in size. I never suggest you use a plastic hamster travel carrier but it comes with an adorable school bus design and high built-in quality.

Therefore, It became an eye-catching hamster carrier.

(You can check the price on Amazon Store, along with check its reviews as well.)

5. Zhang Ku 2-Tier Portable Travel Cage for Small Animals

Zhang Ku 2-Tier carrier is perfect for short trips. It comes in multiple colors such as blue, orange, and pink. So, you can choose whatever color you want.

hamster travel cage

It has a deep bottom so you can put extra bedding in it and able to give your hamster more comfort.

It comes with almost every necessary attachment such as a dreamy little castle, fitness wheel, drinking fountain, food bowl, and slide has two different levels of habitats.

Therefore, your little fur friends can climb, explore, hide, and have endless fun!

The cage wires are powder coated with non-toxic material, even if your hamster chews cage bars then there are no health problems.

The major downside is that it is small as per its design. Maybe it could be big enough to travel for a long trip with it.

Before purchasing this Zhang Ku 2-Tier Carrier, I assure you that it is only for temporary travel cage for transporting your hamster from home to the vet office.

You can easily check it out on Amazon and check its price as well.

6. Portable Carrier House With Running Wheel

For you, it could be the best deal as a travel carrier for a dwarf hamster. It comes with a water bottle, a wheel, and a food dish so your pet doesn’t have to go without anything.

hamster travel cage

It’s fully sturdy and lightweight so you can bring it together for going outside the home.

You can use it for bringing your pet home from adoption, going to the vet, or when you clean your hamster cage, that time you can put your hamster in it for cleaning their cage.

A downside is that you can’t use it for Syrian hamsters because it is not big enough for Syrian hamsters rather you can use it for other small hamster breeds.

I recommend that you don’t use it for your furball as the permanent enclosure.

The hamster needs at least 450 square inches just for their living habitat and it comes almost near that.

So, making it just for a temporary house, is enough.

You can buy it on Amazon Store and check its price as well.

Final Words

To carry a hamster perfectly, you need a hamster travel carrier that is overall lightweight, properly ventilated, and easy to handle.

I hope you found the best hamster travel cages for your little pocket friend in this article.

Even now, if you want to research on your behalf you can do it which sounds good to you.

I try to do my best, even if there is any query or suggestion, you can comment below, and I’ll try to do it better.

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