Can Hamsters Eat Eggs? A Perfect Protein Diet

As a pet owner. it is your responsibility to provide your furry pocket friend with a balanced diet. Therefore, there are different types of commercially balanced nutrient diets available in the market.

But all the time only feeding a commercial diet is not good for hamsters, sometimes you need to diversify their diet.

You can serve your hammy such as grains, different seeds in small quantities, and different types of insects.

However, an egg could be the best option too.

Can Hamsters Eat Eggs

But do you know that Can hamsters eat eggs?

So, in this post we will explore the egg diet for hamsters, along with this, you will also understand the risks and their benefits.

First, we start with the answer to your main question. Let’s check it out

Can Hamsters Eat Eggs? The Simple Answer

Yes, hamsters can eat egg, but in moderation.

If you never fed eggs to your hamsters, it could be a new treat for them, and hamsters love to try new diets.

Eggs are rich in protein, so giving a small amount of egg slices to your hamster once or twice a week is a good source of protein.

However, commercial foods and other hamsters’ diets such as seeds, grains, some kind of meat, and insects have much more protein than eggs.

Still, Feeding an egg to your little buddy is an amazing and exciting thing.

Additionally, You can also feed duck or quail eggs to your furry friend.

Sometimes we forget that in the wild, hamsters eat everything and they are omnivorous rodents.

So, making a diversified diet can be a good idea for your hamster.

Do you know hamsters can eat blueberries, if you don’t know then read, hamsters can eat blueberries.

Some Benefits of Feeding Eggs to Your Hamster

There are several benefits of eating eggs for humans and animals.

Eggs are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. So, it can be a perfectly natural diet.

Here you can check all nutrient values in one large harder-boiled egg per 50 grams:

S. No.NutrientsValues per 50 grams
2Carbs0.6 grams
3Total fat5.3 grams
4Saturated fat1.6 grams
5Monounsaturated fat2.0 grams
6Cholesterol212 mg
7Protein6.3 grams
8Vitamin A6% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)
9Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)15% of the RDA
10Vitamin B12 (cobalamin)9% of the RDA
11Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)7% of the RDA
12Phosphorus86 mg, or 9% of the RDA
13Selenium15.4 mcg, or 22% of the RDA

#1. Excellent Source of High-Quality Protein for Hamsters

Eggs are a high-quality protein source, which is essential for muscle gain, and the repair of tissues.

So, you can use eggs as a hamster’s diet.

#2. Promote Brain and Eye Health

There are multivitamins in an egg. Vitamin A is also contained in an egg, so it improves hamsters’ brain and eye health.

Eggs are also a good source of Vitamin B variation such as Vitamin B12, which is good for the production of red blood cells.

#3. High-Quality Minerals

Eggs contain some kind of minerals. Iron is one of them.

It is necessary to circulate oxygen in blood cells and regulation of cell growth.

Is it Risky to Feeding Egg to a Hamster?

Yes, feeding eggs to your hamster could be risky if you serve them in high amounts.

Everything can be risky for hamster health if these foods don’t feed them in moderation.

Here MODERATION means: Feeding such kind of food only once or twice in a week in very small amounts.

If you feed eggs to your hamster daily in high quantities, they could feel an upset stomach. They may become obese.

So, never feed your hammie excess diet.

Which is good for a Hamster: Raw or Boiled Egg?

Which is good for a Hamster Raw or Boiled

It is a good question because not every type of cooked egg is suitable for giving to your hamster.

When you serve an egg slice to your hamster, only it should be boiled thoroughly, and do not add any extra salt, cracked peppers, butter, or oil.

Never serve a raw egg to your hamster.

The raw egg whites contain a water-soluble Vitamin, which name is BIOTIN (Vitamin B7). It is very harmful to your hamster’s health.

Biotin dissolves into water and causes allergic diseases, like rashes on body skin, and hair loss.

PinPoint: - Never feed RAW EGG to your hamster.

With all of these, never give an oil-cooked, or fried egg.

Because an egg is also high in proteins and fat, if you cook it in oil, it becomes more heavier diet for your furry friend, which leads to your hamster into many diseases.

How to Feed Egg to Your Hamster

In general, you can feed your hamster an egg cut into small slices and serve to it.

Below we mention some tips for feeding eggs to your hammie:

  1. Before feeding, you need to boil the egg thoroughly, and then give it to your hamster.
  2. You can mix small egg pieces with other hamsters’ commercial-balanced food.
  3. Just for fun, cut the boiled egg into slices and hang small amounts of pieces into their cage.
  4. You can mesh a small boiled egg piece and spread it out on hay.
  5. You can give pan-cooked, scrambled egg to your hamster.
  6. Replace chicken eggs with other types of eggs such as quail and ducks.


1. Can Hamsters Eat Egg Yolks?

Yes, hamsters can eat egg yolks easily. When you boil an egg, you leave its yolk a little bit raw, which makes your hammie perfect diet.

2. Can Hamsters Eat Egg Shells?

Yes, you can serve egg shells to the hamsters, they can eat egg shells, but it is essential to scramble egg shells well. Otherwise, some big parts of eggshells could be stuck into their throat or scratch their pouches.

3. Can Hamsters Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Why not, hamsters eat scrambled eggs. You can make a scrambled egg with some veggies without using additional oil, butter, salt, and cracked pepper. A scrambled egg with some veggies could be a perfect treat for your furry friend.

4. How much egg can I give my hamster?

A small slice of a boiled egg almost a teaspoon size is good for your hamster only once or twice in a week.

5. How often should feed eggs to hamsters?

Feeding eggs to hamsters is good in moderation. If you have a big size hamster you can feed it half an egg in a week. Same as if you have a dwarf hammie, you can feed quarter eggs.

Final Words

Hope you can understand very well, Can hamsters eat eggs or not?

Feeding eggs in moderation is good for your hamster and your pet hamster also loves to treat him like that.

When you decide to feed eggs to your pet little companion, just start it slowly and notice how your hammie reacts.

If your little companion loves to eat eggs, you can give it two or three slices once or twice a week.

You can be rotating this schedule with different tastier eggs such as quail, and ducks.

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