Can Hamsters Eat Blueberry? Benefits and Risks of Eating

Often hamsters 🍽️ eat everything, that humans can. But you need to be careful about giving them human food because there could be some risk.

So, if you decide to feed your hamster 🍇 blueberry, first you confirm if can hamsters eat blueberry or not.

hamster mouth wattering to sea blueberrie and think can hamsters eat blueberry?

Therefore, this whole post is related to the blueberry diet for hamsters.

obviously, You have a pet hammie and you understand well that in the wild, hamsters eat everything that they can find easily.

But for a pet furry friend, it is difficult to decide, which food is good or which is not.

So, Without any delay, let’s get a deep dive to know Can Hamsters Eat Blueberry?

Can Hamsters Eat Blueberry? The Answer

Yes, you can give blueberries to your hamster. It is a good treat but in moderation.

You can feel good and excited while giving blueberries to the pet hamster.

In the wild, hamsters eat various foods such as nuts, sunflower seeds, grains, veggies, and fruits, and blueberries are among them.

So, as a pet, there is not any problem feeding blueberries to your hamster.

But, it is something to consider that If you add blueberries to your hamster’s daily diet, it could be a risky task for the hamster’s health.

“So, feeding blueberries twice a week is good.”

Blueberries have many healthy benefits for hamster health.

Later, we will talk about how you should feed blueberries to your hamster.

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Is Blueberry Safe for Your Hamster

blueberries are put into heart shape bowl

Yes, blueberries are safe for hamsters as a treat. You must feed them only once or twice a week in small quantities.

You should slowly introduce your furry friend to blueberries, not in large quantities. You can take advice from your 👴 veteran can hamsters eat blueberry or it is safe for hamsters or not?

They would tell you that in moderation, blueberries are a good diet.

So, you can just cut a blueberry into small pieces and serve these pieces to your hamster as a treat.

If your hamster is overweight then blueberries are a healthy treat because blueberries are low in protein and fat. It contains high water value, which can make your hamster hydrated.

It has fiber content which could make a strong hamster digestive system.

Nutrition Values in Blueberries

Blueberries are rich in 🍚 sugar and 💧 water. Besides these, blueberries have other vital vitamins and nutrients.

In a cup of fresh blueberries:

S. No.ProteinValues per Gram
2Protein0.02 gm
3Protien1.1 gm
4Fat0.49 gm
5Carbohydrate21.45 gm
6Dietary Fiber3.6 gm
7Sugar14.74 gm
8Saturated fat0 gm
9Vitamin C25%
Source: – Medical News Today, Everything you need to know about blueberries.

As you saw above table, there is 0 gm of saturated fat and almost 0 gm of protein, which keeps your hamster from getting fat, and water values almost 84%, which keeps your pocket friend hydrated.

Some Benefits of Blueberry for Your Hamster

Blueberry is full of nutrients and vitamins. It has antioxidant properties and helps in preventing oxidating damage to cholesterol, which helps in lowering the heart attack risk.

So, it could be a good treat for your hamster’s health.

There are other health benefits of blueberry such as:

  • Potential health-protective.
  • It helps to control blood pressure.
  • I could reduce the heart attack risk.
  • Benefits in regulating blood sugar.
  • It contains eye health benefits.
  • It could boost immunity power.
  • It reduces urinary tract infection symptoms
  • It reduces muscle damage in hamsters’ bodies when they do many activities like bouncing, climbing on walls and cage bars, or digging burrows.
  • It has aging nutrients, that could extend the hamster’s lifespan.

Risk of Feeding Blueberries to Your Hamster

In large amount of blueberries makes your hamster sick. They can suffer different types of diseases such as:

  1. Itching
  2. Diahhrea
  3. Irritation/Aggressiveness
  4. Diabetes
  5. Obesity
  6. Etc.

So, always don’t feed blueberries in large amounts. When you notice all of these problems, Immediately go near your veteran and treat your hamster well.

How to Feeding Blueberry to Your Hamster

whilte little hamster grab a blueberry into their hands

Now, you will know, that hamsters can eat a blueberry, and there are many benefits of it, but it contains lots of sugar, which could be dangerous for your hamster’s health.

So, you should know, how to feed blueberrie to your hamster safely. Let’s check these some points carefully:

Here are some tips for feeding blueberries to your hamster:

  • First, you should feed blueberries to your hamster once or twice a week as a treat. Not mix it into their daily diet.

  • Always feed blueberries fresh and when you serve these to your hamster, wash them perfectly to remove debris and dirt, otherwise, some harmful bacteria could enter into the hamster’s stomach, and create stomach diseases such as diarrhea, stomach pain, etc.

  • You should cut a blueberry into small pieces and feed a small amount of pieces to your hamster.

  • You can mix small pieces of blueberry with other food like seeds, fruits, and veggies.

  • Never feed a whole blueberry to your hamster, it could be a dangerous treat to your hamster.

So these are some tips for feeding blueberries to your hamster, these tips may be a suitable method of feeding.

Different from all these, simply you can spread small pieces of blueberries on the hay in your hamster’s cage, this can encourage the hamster to explore, and it can be fun for you to watch.


1. Can Hamsters Eat Blueberry Seeds?

Your hamster could be munching blueberry seeds, that is not a problem. These seeds are edible and contain just as much nutrition as the fruit itself.

2. Can hamsters eat Blueberry leaves?

If you provide blueberry leaves with a soft stem, they can nibble it but doing this may be harmful to your hamster because if your hammie chews leaves, some part of it could be stuck into their throat and choke it.

3. Can blueberry Jam is good for hamsters?

Basically, any type of jam or jelly have added sugar and some preservative, so it is not good for hamster health. Therefore, Blueberry jam is not good for hamsters.

4. Can a baby hamster eat blueberry?

No, don’t feed blueberry to your little baby pet. We recommend you, don’t feed baby hamsters, such types of food that contain sugar or high protein, otherwise, it could lead to hamster serious diseases.

5. Is feeding dried blueberries are good treat?

We advise you not to feed dried blueberries to your hamster because it contains high sugar value. There is a lot sugar of in dried blueberries rather than in fresh ones. It is because a fresh blueberry contains lots of water.

Final Words

So, hamsters are small furry rodents and they eat everything that humans eat.

All of them, blueberries are superfruit to your hamster.

Therefore, feeding blueberries to hamsters is a super diet, in moderation.

Just cut blueberries into small pieces and feed your hamster a small amount of blueberry pieces.

Hopefully, you are now satisfied, Can hamsters eat blueberry or not?

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