Can Hamster Climb Walls? The Truth, No One Can Tell You

If you are searching for the answer can hamster climb walls? Here you will get the truth which no one can tell you. So, read this full article.

a cream colour hamster climbing on the wall corner and other side a gre hamster climbing on cage wire wall with can hamster climb wall

When you bring a new hamster, you have a question, Will your hamster run away from the cage, Can the hamster climb into the cage to escape, or why does the hamster climb walls?

If we told you the answer to the question can hamsters climb walls? one line, The answer is, Yes.

But you need to know in detail the truth behind climbing.

Can Hamster Climb Walls? Let’s Check, the Structure of the Feet

In climbing walls, hamster’s anatomy and physiology are very helpful to them to do.

If you examine their foot, you will find that their front foot is small and hand-like, which they can use to clean themselves and eat food.

When you examine their back feet, you will find that their back feet are bigger in size and which they can use while climbing.

Like cats, they have little claws on their both front and back feet. But it is considerable, the hamster can climb up, but not back down, the way a cat can.

Usually, Burrowing Underground is the habit of a hamster. For this purpose, Hamsters’ feet are designed or developed for digging into dirty surfaces and creating a tunnel, grasping, and clawing.

Also, They use their feet to collect different types of food by climbing, like berries, nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and even the occasional insect.

Sometimes, they use their feet to avoid being preyed on by predators.

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Why Hamsters Climb Walls or Cage?

Even hamsters are small rodents but they have big power sources. When you place them into the cage on starting time, they feel like, they are in captivity.

In the wild, they run miles and miles, only searching for food restlessly.

So, they run to escape the cage, they climb cage walls. Because in their nature, climbing or grooming is common to escape from hunters and find food themselves.

The cage wires gap provides them a tight grip to climb and they enjoy this. It’s their habitual activity.

If you provide them slippy surface or any type of smooth plastic surface, they will still not stop climbing because it is natural in their genes.

They feel that they should go out of the cage in search of food, for this they sometimes climb the walls of the cage and sometimes run in the pipe tunnel.

Here we can say in brief, that the reason behind their climbing is their natural habit.

But wait, this is not the right reason, Beyond this, there are many other reasons why hamsters climb the wall or cage wire gap:

  1. For searching Food.
  2. Escape from Hunters.
  3. Escape from the cage and want freedom.
  4. Maybe they feel Inadequate Temperature
  5. Want to burn their energy
a step by step guide infographics why hamster climb walls

#1. For Searching Food

Sometimes, hamsters may run around or climb on the cage or wall, The Reason behind this could be that the meals and drinking water bowl have become empty, and they feel hungry.

I have a hamster, One day, I saw my hammy run around and frequently climb on the cage wall and ceiling, I was confused as to why it did this odd behavior.

When I went near the cage and checked all the toys, tunnel, and bowls, I realized, the food bowl was empty, when I took the food, my hammy came and ate the food hastening.

So, you need to check if your hamster climbs the wall, again and again, Maybe all things are not proper way.

#2. Escape from Hunters

Hamsters are very active rodents. They escape very fast, and with this, they make a squeaking noise.

When you are new to your hamster, go near the hammie’s cage, they are afraid, to climb on the cage-wired wall.

#3. Escape from the Cage and Want Freedom

The nature of hamsters is to find food themselves. In the wild, they run miles just to find food, they dig too.

In the cage, they feel they do have not much space to run or dig. So, they run around and climb.

#4. Maybe They Feel Inadequate Temperature

Where they are placed, It could be the temperature is not compatible with them.

This causes trouble for them and they seem to be getting confused.

Due to inadequate temperature, the hamster frequently climbs on the cage and wants to come out.

#5. Want to Burn Their Energy

Hamsters have large supplies of energy. If the hamster doesn’t do any activity, they feel very hypertension.

To burn the energy, they run and climb.

Basically, these are some uncommon problems to disturb the hamster and the climb on the cage wall and wired gaps.

If Your Hamster Climbs Their Cage, Is It a Bad Sign?

No, it is not bad if your hamster climbs on their cage because they climb and do other activities to burn their energy and sometimes when they feel stressed, they climb.

But in certain conditions, it could be a hazardous activity to climb your hamster on the cage wall.

If your hamster suffers from any type of illness, has a tumor, and has other sickness climbing could be dangerous for them.

The extra height also creates a problem for your hamster. You are thinking, How?

When your climbing hamster climbs on the high cage ceiling, it could fall down and experience a fracture or other injury.

At that time you will be responsible for this.

How Do I Stop My Hamster From Climbing The Cage?

If you have a little cute buddy, it is your responsibility to give your hamster the best climbing toys, They use these toys for energy burning and climbing rather than cage or wall climbing.

For this, you can search on the web, there are different of types climbing tools available.

Now, by using these toys you can stop them from climbing on walls.

These toys will give them a goose and they won’t feel bored or lazy.

1. Long Climbing Wooden Ladder or Suspension Bridge for Hamsters

wooden climbing ladder or suspension bridge for your hamster

The best part of this Climbing Ladder, it is made of wood and has a surface mount.

Especially it is made for small rodents. So, you can use this climbing ladder for your hamster.

You can build your hamster villa differently.

If your Hamster uses all the time to walk from one side of the cage to the other.

Good to have to use as a bridge or to divide bedding. It will bend easily like a stair set and is not very expensive.

I think it is the best gift for your hamster that would give more opportunities to your hamster for exercise without taking up more space in the bottom of her cage.

You can check this Climbing Ladder on Amazon Store.

2. Warm Plush Triple Bunkbed Cage Hanging Hammock Bed

Hamsters Sleep in Triple Bunkbed Cage Hanging Hammock Bed

It is the most adorable gift for your hamster. The hamster can use it for their Hideout, Sleep, and Climb.

In Triple Bunked Hanging Cage, the manufacturer uses Cozy Plush, which is soft and comfy.

It is easy to use, clean, and very lightweight. In winter time it gives your hamster a warm comfort.

You can check more details on the Amazon Store.

3. Hanging Hammock or Snuggle Hut for Hamster

little hamster emerge their face out of the snuggle hanging hut

I love it. It is so cute and big enough for a hamster. Lovely design, soft and comfy.

I suggest that absolutely, this is a perfect gift for your hamster.

Your hamster uses it in different ways. If little buddy wants to sleep, it can sleep, if it wants to climb, it can climb.

The build quality is awesome, It has a chain, so you can hang it on your little furry friend’s cage.

It is also available on the Amazon Store at a very affordable price.


1. Which one is best in climbing Rat or Hamster?

A rat is a more intelligent rodent than a hamster. Rat climbs quickly and perfect way. A hamster is not as perfect as a rat. In all rodents, it is believed that rats are smarter.

2. Is it ok for the hamster to climb?

Yes, Climbing, Running, Chewing, and Digging all these activities are common in a hamster. It is not any cause of concern, because it is their natural behavior.

3. Is a hamster natural climber?

Of Course, In the wild, hamsters run, climb, and dig. It is God-given to the hamster, so their climbing is a natural behavior.

4. Can a hamster climb out of the cage?

To escape from the unsuitable cage, the Hamster can try to climb. If there is a gap in the cage wire, enough to run away, that time hamster could climb out of the cage.

5. Can I stop my hamster from climbing the wall?

I think it is possible. If you give it some toys to play with, will work for you. Your hamster will spend much time playing with these toys, rather than climbing.

Final Words

So, you got your answer, in depth Can Hamster Climb Walls? But hamsters don’t climb as like as other rodents.

They climb on walls and other available objects because it is their natural instinct.

You need to be very careful to close their cage door closely.

Otherwise, they can escape.

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