Why Do Hamsters Squeak? 15 Ways to Understand

Are you looking for reasons Why Do Hamsters Squeak? There are many reasons behind your 🐭 hamster squeak.

why do hamsters squeak guide

You won’t confused🤔, you will learn all the possible reasons why hamsters squeak.

Let’s check these reasons why do hamsters make noise

How Many Types of Sounds Hamsters Make?

When you brought your little pocket friend into the 🏠 home the first time, the first problem was their squeaking. We are literally confused as to why they make noise loudly.

What’s the problem with them so, they make these sounds?

Before studying the reasons behind furry little friend squeaks, you might to know how many types of sounds they make.

Mostly 3 Types of Sounds Hamstres Make

There are commonly three types of sounds that hamsters make.

  • Squeaking
  • Chattering
  • Hissing

So, there is a question in your mind Why do hamsters make these sounds?

So, let’s check these one by one.

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#1. The Squeaking Sound squeaking sound

Hamsters make this sound at that time when they are afraid or feeling distressed.

Often people hear this noise of their hamsters when they bring them first time in their home.

Fuzzy makes most of the time squeaking noise when they feel agitated.

#2. The Chattering Sound chattring sound

A chattering sound is a warning sign.

Hamsters are warned to grind their teeth together and create a signal that they are in the mood to bite.

#3. The Hissing Sound hissing sound

The hissing sound indicates that they’re very afraid. Sometimes it can happen during they have been startled too.

All of these, again it is very hard to say why your hamsters make these types of sounds.

Of these three sounds no.1 sound is the most common which they make.

If you are a newbie then it is hard to identify what they want.

So, check these 15 points related to your hamster squeaking sound.

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The 15 Reasons Behind Why Do Hamsters Squeak?

So, here we explained the top 15 reasons for your main query, why is my hamster squeaking? These are all reasons make the cause of their squeaking.

Lets, Start…..

1. Is Your Hamster Happy?

Is Your Hamster Happy

Sometimes when you pet or get a treat for your hamsters, they squeak. They also squeak when they playing.

If you have two or more little furry companions they see each other and feel happy, so they squeak to show happiness.

This is the common way of hamster communication.

2. Is The Hamster Afraid?

Is The Hamster Afraid

Mostly hamsters squeak continuously when they are afraid.

You have come with new hamsters in your house, they squeak continuously and show their afraid.

Hamsters are sometimes very shy and sometimes make noise repeatedly.

They telling someone to back off. You need to clarify if is there anybody or not.

New hamsters are always afraid. So, if you bring a hamster home, need to give it some time to adjust to the new environment.

“Give it a big cage, and from time to time food and water, playing toys.”

Place the cage of the hamster in a separate room, It would be best.

If you place the cage somewhere where it is surrounded by people, it is disturbed by noises and distractions.

It is to make sure, the hamster always sleeps daytime. So, a peaceful and quiet room is best for their sleep.

Focus on your furry buddy, notice their activity, and note them down.

3. Is Hamster Going Aggressive?

Is Hamster Going Aggressive

Wait, is your hamster aggressive?

In the beginning stage of hamsters, you need to learn about them. Don’t tame them from the start, Maybe the bond is not as strong as they want.

If you pick them up and tame them, or try to touch them, suddenly their mood changes into aggressive.

At the start, you should avoid the taming process, because it doesn’t complete a day.

It takes time for you to be familiar with them.

By doing this in the beginning you create a reason for being aggressive of it.

You will have to take some time and learn how to communicate with your little buddy.

4. Maybe Hamster Talk to Other Hamster

You are a hamster lover and if you have more than one, then the squeaking noises come from their communication.

The only way of communication between to hamsters is squeaking. They talk to each other by making various squeaking sounds.

A. When your hamsters squeak loudly they tell the other hamster that they are afraid.

B. The other sound is squeaking softly.

If you notice your hamster squeaking softly around another hamster then they are happy and chill mood.

They both enjoy the company of each other.

C. The other reason for soft squeaking is, that maybe they want to gather the attention of other hamsters.

5. Is Hamster Want Something?

Hamsters often squeak when they need something, they can’t talk, so, squeaking is the way of communicating.

Maybe your hamster wants to come out from the cage or they are hungry and many times their water bowl might be empty.

But pay attention to that time when you doing all of these things but your buddy does not stop squeaking.

At that time you need to check whether is it injured.

Most of the time feeding and coming out from the cage is a way to stop the hamster from squeaking.

6. Is Your Female Hamster Pregnant?

Of Course, it is possible they squeak in their pregnancy time.

When you bring both male and female hamsters into your home, you will regret it for a while.

They will probably squeal to make a mating call.

Because the mating calls in hamsters are very loud and frequent.

You may have noticed that when the male and female are in separate cages and your male hamster hears the scream of the female hamster, he sits up straight.

During this, you have to choose whether you want to breed them or not.

If you want to breed them, you will need to place the female hamster in the male hamster’s cage every night for four days during estrus.

It is a 12-hour long period.

During this, the male hamster will mate with the female hamster.

But you have to first make sure whether your female hamster wants to breed or not.

For this, you will first keep the female hamster in the male hamster’s cage, Now if the female hamster adjusts in the male hamster’s cage, then you have to understand that she is ready for breeding.

Because otherwise, she may become aggressive and attack the male.

7. Is Little Hamster Giving Birth?

As we read hamsters make squeaky sounds during mate calling, just like when a female hamster gives birth to babies, she goes through labor pain at that time.

So, if you know that your female hamster is pregnant and she is making squeaky sounds, then you will understand why.

You may feel bad for it and for the pain it caused, but it is very important that you leave it alone.

Female hamsters want to give birth alone so they can concentrate.

After birth, you don’t try to open their cage and try to see them. This is a danger sign for male hamsters.

In dangerous situations they eat their babies, so be careful.

Your responsibility is only to give your hamster food and water timely.

8. Is Your Hamster Want to Pick Up?

is Hamster Want to Pick Up on hands

It depends on the breed of hamster they want to pick up or not. Probably dwarf hamster squeak when you pick it up.

It is not because they are afraid but because they make noise afraid of heights.

Big Teddy Bear Hamsters quickly learn and don’t be afraid when you pick them up.

9. Does Your Hamster Recognize Something?

Hamsters learn very quickly to recognize things. when you are going to give them food, you just open your bag they sense quickly what now happening.

Like that when you open their cage to treat him, they understand and squeak.

Making a squeak sound is a way of showing their excitement level towards you. They feel happy and excited.

10. Are They Trying to Be Dominant?

If you have two or more hamsters, hope it is likely they will fight each other once trying to be dominant.

They squeak loudly during the fight.

11. Is Hamster Trapped in Their Cage?

Your hamster will start squeaking if they are stuck somewhere in their cage. They try to generate the signal for help and squeak continuously.

Your responsibility is to check your hamster every time they squeak.

No one can tell what they want and in which situation they have.

12. Is Your Hamster Injured?

Is Your Hamster Injured on Hands

Sick and Hurt hamsters try to hide and create squeaking noises slowly. If you check and do not find any cut and scrapes signs.

The other reason may be in their stomach. You don’t panic just take them to a vet.

Basically, cuts and scrapes are the most common injuries in hamsters. Check your hamster cage and remove all sharp things aside.

13. Is They Want To Come Out?

The hamster wants to play out of the cage.

For this when you go near the cage they jump and squeak to tell you, Please, let me get out of this jail for some time.

So, the hamster constantly squeaking try to communicate.

14. Is Their Food and Water Bottle Full of Fresh?

Overall, when your hamster squeaks, the first thing you need to do to check their food bowl and bottle of water full.

If your hamster suddenly starts squeaking, it could be a sign of hunger and thirst.

Just go and fill their food and water bowl with fresh. Always provide them with fresh water.

The hamster’s eating routine is every two hours. So, you need to pay attention to their eating time and replenish food regularly.

15. The Volume and Frequency of their Squeaks

Hamsters squeak sometimes loudly and sometimes softly. There are different meanings for their squeaking noises.

In an afraid situation, they squeak loudly and in a cheerful mood their softly.

How to Stop The Hamster from Squeaking?

If you know what’s wrong with your hamster, you can stop your hamster from constantly squeaking.

For this, you have to do that when you hear any squeaks you have to observe them properly.

If the noises are recurring, take a closer look and see if they are hurt or simply in heat or happy.

You can use these tips to stop your hamster from squeaking

  • Give Them Attention
  • Bring Them to the Vet
  • Give Them Some Treats
  • Cuddling
  • Keep them in Separate cages


Do dwarf hamsters make noise?

Yes, dwarf hamsters make noises.

how do hamsters communicate?

Hamsters communicate by making certain types of noises.

what sound does a hamster make?

Hamsters make squeaking, chattering, screaming, and hissing sounds.

what does it mean when a hamster squeaks?

There are different means when a hamster squeaks, maybe they are afraid, aggressive, or grab your attention.

can hamsters scream?

Final Words

Hope, you understand Why Do Hamsters Squeak? I know many hamster parents are confused and have gone threw this squeaking situation,

but they never understand how they understand what their hamster said to them.

Now, you can understand properly.

If you have any questions or suggestions for us just comment below to make this post better.

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