9+ Best Hamster Toys to Keep Happy and Active

Usually, hamsters love to do different activities such as running, bouncing, chewing, and digging their whole day, and some are active at night too.

If you have a hamster as a pet, you need to give them various types of hamster toys, which these your hamster not feel boredom.

best hamster toys treat dispenser, ladder, running wheel, etc.

In the wild, hamsters run for searching food, catch insects, and dig burrows wherever they want. There is lots of space available to do different exercises.

But besides this, in the cage, they do have not enough space to do such kinds of acts.

“So, first of all, always use a Large Cage for your furry friend that provides them enough space for exercise.”

Not even space, you need to give them some best hamster toys to stop their boredom.

If your hamster cage will only have an empty habitat, they feel lazy which is a cause of obesity and some kinds of diseases such as diabetes and heart attack.

Most people are always confused as to which toys are helpful to their hamster, so, don’t worry.

In this post, we will discuss all the 9+ best toys for your hamster, and these hamster toys are perfect for your furry friend.

If you have no time to read the full post, you must buy these 3 best hamster toys. I highly recommend you.

3 best hamster Toys You must Buy

Super-Silent Exercise Wheels

Niteangel Super Silent Hamster Exercise Wheels
  • Made with plastic.
  • 8.6″L x 5.7″W x 11.8″H
  • Easy to install.
  • Suitable for all hamsters.

Niteangel Multi-Room Hideouts

Niteangel Multi Chamber Hamster House Maze
  • Made with wooden.
  • 9.2″L x 9.2″W x 3.4″H
  • Easy to install.
  • Suitable for all hamsters.

Organic Chinchilla Chewing Stick Toy

Chewing Stick
  • Made with plastic.
  • 8.26″L x 3.93″W x 3.93″H
  • Easy to install.
  • Suitable for all hamsters.

Best Hamster Toys Complete List

Sometimes hamsters run very actively and sometimes they chew wood. It is Because of their natural instincts.

So, to consider all the activities of hamsters we researched deeply, and came out with the final result, that some toys can make your hamster happy.

The list of these toys is here:

  • Running Wheel
  • Hideouts
  • Chewing Sticks
  • Tunnels
  • Treat Dispenser
  • Swing
  • Suspension Bridge
  • Hammock
  • Flying Saucer

If you go online just to search for the best toys for your hamster, there are lots of variety toys available, but which one is suitable for your hamster, you will always confused.

So, to make your task easier, we researched and read some reviews, and selected some best hamster-playing toys in every category.

So, without thinking twice, you can buy one of these. We assure you, that these toys never disappoint your hamster’s happy life.

#1. Running Wheel

Obviously, a running wheel is one of the best toys for your hamster.

They can use it to burn their calories. The running wheel is the perfect exercise tool in the hamster cage.

Hamsters often require extra exercise, so in the wild, they run miles and miles day and night.

While you put your hamster into a new large cage, attach a runner exercise wheel to it, otherwise, your night will change into tossing and turning.

Therefore, we researched and found some perfect running wheels.

So, you can buy one of these best-running wheels for your little companion.

A. Niteangel Super-Silent Hamster Exercise Wheels

Niteangel Super Silent Hamster Exercise Wheels
  • It is about 8.2 inches with silent hamster running wheels, made with double ball bearings.
  • It gives your hamster endless running exercise without disturbing your sleep.
  • You can adjust its height according to your hamster’s height.
  • Obviously, it is very sturdy and durable whenever you want.

B. 9″ Regular Silent Exercise Wheel

9 Regular Silent Exercise Wheel
  • It is the perfect silent wheel made with a double ball bearing.
  • You can easily disassemble it while in need of cleaning.
  • It almost creates 0 sound while your hamster running on this wheeled toy.
  • It is very sturdy and durable whenever you want.

#2. Hideouts

It is an essential toy for hamsters for their hideaway. In the wild, hamsters protect themselves from animals or some others, just hiding in the bushes and tunnels.

As a pet, hamsters usually roam around in their cage, but if they feel any suspicious activity around their cage they are afraid and feel that someone will attack them.

For their cover, hamsters want to hide somewhere in the cage, but if you don’t give them a hideout toy, they become very aggressive due to afraid and maybe they create a loud squeak sound, which can irritate you.

So, it is essential to provide them with a perfect hideout.

A. Niteangel Multi-Chamber Hamster Hideouts (3 Rooms)

Niteangel Multi Chamber Hamster House Maze
  • It is made for specially dwarf hamsters. There are three rooms and one way to enter and come out.
  • You can easily mount it on the surface of the enclosure. No extra tools are needed.
  • Your hamster can use this European Imported Birch Plywood Hideout for their rest and day sleep.

B. Niteangel Multi-Room Hideouts (6 Rooms)

Niteangel Multi Chamber Hamster Hideouts 6 Rooms
  • It is made with birch plywood floor-mounted hamster hideouts.
  • In it, there are 6 rooms for your hamster to rest.
  • This Niteangle Hideout is easy to clean with just a removable rooftop.
  • There are two ways to enter and come out.

#3. Chewing Sticks or Balls

Chewing is a common activity in small rodents. So, hamsters are one of them.

When small animals are in their free time, they often start chewing different things.

Although, there are many reasons behind hamsters chewing:

  1. Maybe they start chewing because there is no food in their food bowl.
  2. It could be possible they chew to sharpen and grind their teeth.
  3. Hamsters are territorial rodents, so chewing wood is their habit of marking their territory.
  4. Sometimes they chew your cage bars just to escape there.

If you have a hamster it can be possible that your hammie can chew your cage metal bars and cage base.

But it is not good to chew metal bars and plastic in the cage.

You need to provide them with some chewing material in their cage which helps to stop your hammie from chewing other things.

Apple Sticks Organic Chinchilla Hamster Chew Toys

Chewing Stick
  • Apple Chewing Sticks are a perfectly healthy, natural treat for your little companion.
  • This toy is always a favorite chewing food among small rodents. It maintains your fur baby’s teeth healthy.
  • Chinchilla is a 100% organic and natural hewing toy stick, which the hamster loves most.

#4. Tunnels for Hamsters

Of course, hamster loves to burrow in tunnels. They use their hands and dig deep down.

If you have a Niteangel Bigger World Hamster Cage, you can see how perfectly your furry friend makes tunnels in their bedding.

They make tunnels just to hide and store food because it is an inherent instinct.

You don’t need to stop your little buddy from doing this, but if you give them a tunnel, they can enjoy and play with that.

Hamster Fun Tunnels Plastic Tube Toys

Plastic Tube Tunnels
  • The length of these toy tunnels is 8.26 inches, and they are stain-resistant, lightweight, and durable.
  • In one package, you will get two tunnels at a very reasonable price.
  • These fun tunnels are foldable so, you can use these tunnel toys in every type of hamster enclosure to relieve their boredom, encourage their exploration habit, and run and hide.
  • Tunnel Toys can be a suitable fun toy for your fur buddy.

#5. Treat Dispenser Toys for Your Hamster

For big animals like dogs and cats, a treat dispenser is a very useful toy to train them to mentally engage.

When dogs and cats eat too quickly, then treat dispenser helps to slow down their eating frequency.

Same as, the treat dispenser can be a great toy for your hamster, which eat quickly. It also works as a maze puzzle to find their food.

Another best use of a treat dispenser for your hammie is, often hamster nature hiding their food in burrows.

So, when you feed your hamster lots of food with the help of a treat dispenser tool.

If your hamster even stores food, you can check the remaining food easily, and at cleaning time, it is easy to remove that excess food.

#6. Swings and Ladder Toys

You can give your hamster a swing toy if you want. It helps your little companion rest.

When your hamster feels tired after exercise, it can use the swing toy for natural rest.

There are lots of swing toys for hamsters available, but here we provide you with the two best swing toys, you can choose one of them.

#7. Suspension Bridge with Ladder

Unfortunately, if your hamster’s enclosure size is small, then it is tough to attach it to their cage because the suspension bridge needs some extra space.

If your hamster loves to climb then you can give them a swing toy. There is no limitation of the swing toy, hamsters can use it however they want.

They can climb, rest, and even eat the food sitting on it.

#8. Hammock

Most hamsters love to use hammocks for resting, sleeping, and hiding. Often hamsters want to live in a place where they use their natural instincts such as digging, climbing, and hiding.

So, it is your responsibility as a pet owner, to provide your furry companion a natural enrichment surroundings.

In this, Hammock takes a perfect new activity toy to your hamster life.

#9. Flying Saucer Hamster Toy for Exercise

It is one of the best gifts for your hammie.

If you want to make your hamster happy and healthy we recommend you use the Flying Saucer toy for your little pocket friend.

If you put a flying saucer into a hamster cage, they will never disappointed.

They can use flying saucers for entertainment and long exercise.

But keep in mind never give it to the large hamster, the reason is, that the flying saucer is made for small rodents such as dwarf hamsters.

  • Premium Pick

    Hamster Flying Saucer Silent Running Exercise Wheel

    Flying Saucer for Hamster

#10. Mixed Hamster Chewing Toy Set

For chewing, chinchilla apple sticks are best for your hamster, but if want something other than stick toys, you can buy a Hamster chew toys set for your hamster teeth care.

It is all made with rotten wood.

Therefore, these toys can be suitable for your hammie and these are eco-friendly and have bite-resistant properties.

Your hamster can use these chewing toys in different fun ways, chewing them, tossing them, and even fighting over them.

I highly recommend that if your hamster often bites cage bars and some other useful material in the cage, just put these set of chewing toys into their cage, they will easily familiar with them.

  • Premium Pick

    Hamster Chew Toys Set Teeth Care Wooden Accessories

    Hamster Chew Toys Set Teeth Care Wooden Accessories

Final Words

You all know that in the wild hamsters are very actively run day and night, so if you pet them, they also do that kind of natural instinct in their habitat.

If you don’t give them any type of hamster toy, their activity sounds could be annoying to you.

Therefore, you need to choose the best hamster toys that relieve your little Stephen’s boredom, create some fun, and become a good friend in their exercise.

So, to make your research easier, we recommend some best hamster toys that you can purchase.

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