Do Hamsters Have Feelings? Detailed Explanation

Many people are confused and search for the answer 🐹 Do Hamsters Have Feelings? So before starting the answer, you need to ask yourselves Do You Have Feelings?

In Your case, the answer is Yes.

hamster sitting on the wooden log and think do hamsters have feelings?

On the other side, when you see your 🐹 hamster in a cage, eating food, running, or bouncing in a cage, all of these situations you might think, about what they’re thinking at this time and what they are feeling.

Do hamsters have feelings?

The answer is yes, hamsters have same feelings like a human.
They all go through a wide variety of moods and emotions, including depression, happiness, fear, boredom, and optimism.

Let’s go deep dive into this topic...

The Science Behind the Hamster Feelings

The Liverpool Jhon Moores University has challenged that the nation of Hamsters is a natural creature. πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ Scientists’ study has shown, that Hamesters have different emotions beyond behavioral challenging changes.

For this study, scientists made many observations on the reactions of 🐹🐹 two hamster groups under different types of conditions.

They provided some toys for one group with open space to play with them. All of these things Scientists also provided that group with some sugar water.

They all put the second group in a live situation that was as exciting as a trip to the DMV.

Now the time is the Final Result.

The first group of Hamsters live their lives firmly. They showed signs of happiness. This is because πŸ‹exercise produces endorphin hormones when they do different activities.

The second group of hamsters showed apathy and stress. This is because they have nothing to do.

Hamsters and Their Emotions/Feelings

hamsters in differnet poses

We discuss that science already confirmed that Hamsters have feelings. But sometimes there are some moments when we are not at our best, During that time our pocket companions are there for us. That time we thought, is our hamster know, We need to cheer up.

For these, rodents have been analyzed to find out if our pocket companions know our moods and if can they sense them.

After analysis, hamsters have some common characteristics similar to human beings, these are:

  • Excitement
  • Optimism
  • Depression
  • Sadness
  • Happiness

However, whatever methods or modern tools are used to assess these feelings, they are all beyond our understanding.

The researchers would only have us believe that including hamsters, they are applying these techniques to many other rodents.

As a result, they are an optimist.

But all of these feelings help us to get closer to our lovable pocket companions in certain situations.

#1. Hamasters Excitement πŸ€—

Yes, Hamsters feel excitement. How do you know that your furry pocket friend is in an excited mood?

They do different activities when they show you. Playing with their toys, running on the wheel, and bouncing much more.

#2. Hamasters Sadness πŸ˜”

Hamsters are very sensitive creatures. Sometimes, when they are suffering from any illness, our tiny friend is not involved in any physical activity.

They lay down in their cage and do not eat properly. These signs warn you that due to illness, they feel sadness.

#3. Hamsters Happiness 😊

It is very difficult to identify if your hamster is happy or not, but some signals indicate you.

When they are in their active mode, they run in their cage, bouncing, eating, and running actively.

The grooming situation is most likely to tell us, hamsters in their happy mood. They groom themselves.

You can tell that your furry companion is their cheer-up condition when you walk with their cage and they sprint up to you.

This is a perfect sign to tell that your hamster is happy.

Do Hamsters Feel Pain?

The answer is, Yes. Hamsters feel pain even though they have no πŸ—£οΈ vocal communication skills to tell us, but we need to keep a πŸ‘€ close eye on them to check how they are treated.

If your hamster is ill, it feels stressed. You can notice some behavioral changes.

You can notice, that when they are ill or suffering from pain they mostly make squeaking noises.

You can read our post to study their sounds: – Why Do Hamsters Squeak?

Do Hamsters Feel Lonely?

The simple answer to this question is no. This is because hamsters are territorial rodents. They keep their resources safe for themselves.

If any other hamster crosses their territory, they attack them and the end of the fight is death for one of them.

Same as a pet, if you place two hamsters in one cage, you could see nasty fighting among them.

So, often hamsters want to live alone. They don’t want to be companions of other rodents.

Do Hamsters Show Affection Towards Humans

It could be difficult to tell you that hamsters show affection toward humans that is because hamsters are very active and wild nature behavior nature.

But if you can tame them perfectly, maybe it shows you different signs to identify that hamsters are affectionate toward humans.

As a Hamter pet, and some research we found some signs which show that hamsters show affection toward humans. These signs are such as:

  • Yawning and Stretching
  • Likes To Show Off
  • Hanging Out After You Offer Treats
  • Pops His Nose Out Of The Box When You Call Him
  • Squeaking
  • Clicking
  • Chirping
  • Cooing

Hamster Feelings and Body Language

Now you can say that hamsters have feelings. Now, your responsibility is to take your furry companion’s emotional and mental health into consideration.

Notice their body language, and learn and identify their emotions and feelings.

There are many ways of communicating, hamsters show. You need to notice and identify when you are scaring them, stressing them, or making them happy.

Your touch shows, how your hamster reacts. If they feel something they make some noises, you need to identify these voices and their tones.

How to manage Hamster Emotions?

There are some things to keep in mind when managing your hamster.

#1. Hamsters are very intelligent and they like to bury their food and digging. If you really want to manage your hamster’s feelings and emotions then you need to avoid the natural temptation of getting two hamsters.

Because hamsters are territorial, others make them stressful. So avoid this.

#2. You make sure that the hamster’s cage is big enough for running, playing, and digging. Because a small cage makes them bored.

If they are stuck in a small place they feel lazy.

#3. Noises and surrounding sounds can disturb your hamster. You need to provide them with a personal safe and quiet room for living. Excessive sounds make your tiny companion’s behavior change.

#4. Feeding is another thing to manage their emotional balance. Provide a variety of foods to your hamsters.

#5. Provide some toys with these for your pocket friend to play with. Give him a wheel because they love to run on that.

Do Hamsters Feel When You Are Sad?

Your body language and tone of voice are a sign for your hamster to feel, how is your mood? When you are sick your body language changes.

You could not walk fast, your head hung lower, and the tone of your voice changed into deeper. These are signs for your hamster to read that you are not feeling good.

These all are external signs that your hamsters pick up and know something is different.

This all depends on your strong bond with your pocket friend. If you don’t meet your hamsters often then they won’t notice your emotions and your behavior.

How to Train Your Hamsters to Feel Emotions?

There are many ways to train your hamsters to feel emotions.

Because hamsters do not communicate verbally. So, we need to tell them to notice our emotions. For that, we do some extra activities:

  1. Create a strong bond with Hamster.
  2. Play with them.
  3. From time to time run over you.
  4. Feed them handly.
  5. Show affection by gently stroking your hamster’s fur.
  6. Use some signals to train them.
  7. Give training from time to time.
  8. Petting them.
  9. Playing Outside the Habitat.
  10. Handling with Care.

Final Words

Your question is Do Hamsters Have Feelings? and Now you got your answer Yes, Hamsters have feelings, this is confirmed.

You need to care for them, play with them, and feed them timely.

Make a strong bond with your hamster to feel their emotions and they can also feel your emotions too.

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