Can Hamsters Drink Tap Water? Truth behind Hydration

Are you eager to know what kind of 💧 water have to drink? Can hamsters drink Tap Water? What water type is best for hamsters and much more?

white hamster drinking water with question can hamster drink tap water

In today’s time, most people have 🐁 hamsters as their pets. Hamsters are very small, cute, and furry that’s why people love them. One of the benefits of hamsters is that they are very easy to take care of.

But like other pets’ hamsters also need some 🥗 healthy and fresh food to stay healthy. Especially keep their body hydrated.

When it comes to hydration most of the owners get confused about what kind of fluid or water, we can give them to keep their body hydrated.

So, in this blog, we are going to through some light on a Hamster’s water intake routine and try to find out whether a hamster can drink tap water or not.

Can Hamsters Drink Tap Water?

The simple and crystal clear answer to this question is, Yes, Hamsters can drink tap water.

But we need some important attention towards the hardness of water. Because nowadays most of the areas have very hard water.

So, it is recommended that if available give them filtered water or normal water which is not that hard that even we can’t consume.

Hamsters can drink tap water but it is best to give them filtered or distilled water to reduce the risk of contamination of water.

How Much Water Can Hamsters Drink?

The requirement of water in Hamsters is very less however the amount of water that a hamster can consume throughout the whole day is only about 10 ML of water per 100 Grams of their body weight.

Hamsters keep them hydrated by driving the water from their food but still, they rely on their owner to give them proper water.

Dehydration can cause hamsters some serious health issues like constipation, illness, and death.

Commonly Hamsters weigh around 100 – 200 Grams which means a hamster can consume water 10 – 20 ML of water in a day. 

But Hamster do not drink their required amount of water at once so it is also necessary to keep changing their water with fresh water to make sure their good health.

But it is also kept in mind that the requirement for water in hamsters can vary and also depend on the weather conditions and also the depend upon the temperature of the environment where we keep them.

As humans drink more water in summer and drink less water in winter same like hamsters also reduce or increase their water intake requirement depending upon the weather conditions.

You should need to learn more about your hamster.

What Could be the Best Water Temperature for Hamsters?

Best Water Temperature for Your Hamster

We can give them water at room temperature neither too cold nor too hot. Water at room temperature as well as fresh is good to serve them.

As hamsters have very delicate organs if they have very cold or hot water it can cause them pain and other irritations in the stomach.

Water at room temperature is easy to absorb and does not cause any kind of irritation or bloating in the Hamster.

It is commonly seen in the hamsters that they prefer to drink normal water which is at room temperature.

If anyone gives tap water to hamsters then make sure about the temperature of the water because generally tap water comes from the terrace and could be extremely hot or cold can cause a change in water temperature.

How Often Change the Hamster’s Water?

As we know hamsters drink only 10-20 ML of water throughout the whole day but one thing, we have to note is that they do not drink their required amount of water at once.

Hamsters drink water many times in a very small amount.

So, we need to keep an eye on the pot or any utensil that we use to give them water to remain always clean as well as water.

Whenever see that water has any dust or any kind of impurities that are visible to human eyes then always change that water and clean the pot.

What Kind of Water Do Hamsters Drink?

Water Options for Hamster

As we read above hamsters can drink tap water but there are some other options also available even better than tap water.

These options could be:

  • Tap water
  • Filtered Water
  • Distilled Water
  • Bottled Water

Now let’s learn about these options: –

#1. Tap Water

tap water

Tap water is readily available everywhere so most people offer tap water to their hamsters on a primary basis.

But sometimes tap water could be harmful to the hamsters due to its hardness and the possibility of contamination.

Hard water is when the amount of the required mineral present in the water goes higher than the measured levels.

As the hamster’s body is so small, the amount of chlorine in tap water can be too much that the hamster’s body is not able to eliminate it.

Thus, it causes some irritation and heaviness in the hamster’s stomach which results in constipation and another type of disease related to the gut.

#2.Filtered Water

filtered water

Never give raw water to the hamsters because it has many impurities and imbalances in minerals.

Simply give them that kind of water which we also can have and also give to our loved ones because any type of pet is also our family.

Filtered water is completely good to go with and hamsters are also very comfortable drinking filtered water.

Here filtered water means the water filtered at home by the R.O. system, not filtered water that comes from municipal corporations because that water is treated through some chemicals that could not be suitable for the hamsters.

#3. Distilled Water

distilled water

Distilled water is also good for hamsters as it has a very small amount of minerals or even, we can say zero amount of minerals.

We can distill the water by boiling it at high temperatures and when steam starts to come then collect that steam and cool it down after cooling down the steam, we can find distilled water that we can give to the hamsters.

#4. Bottled Water

bottled water

Water packaged in bottles which we can find in super malls, bus or railway stations is also good to give to the hamsters. Because this type of water is well-balanced in its nutritional values.

It is soft and also purified and tested by the experts.

Hamsters can drink bottled water very easily without any harmful or adverse effects on their body and digestive system.

What kind of water do hamsters not drink?

As we already read and learn about what kind of water Hamsters can drink. Same that there is some type of water from which an owner makes distance. That is Raw Water.

Yes, it is very much recommended that never give raw water to the hamsters. As the name suggests Raw means this type of water could be high in minerals and also there could be some impurities and contamination that makes it undrinkable.

FAQ’s: –

1. Can Hamsters Drink Tap Water?

Yes, they can drink tap water but keep in mind the hardness level of water in your area.

 2. Can Hamsters Drink Spring or Rainy Water?

Yes, hamsters can drink but again it is recommended about the impurities and contaminations of water. If rainy water is collected through the clean method and checked about the impurities then it is good to go.

3. Can We give any kind of Soft Drink to Hamsters?

It’s a big no to any kind of soft drink for hamsters because their organs are not familiar with or have the ability to process soft drink as it has many types of contents that are not even good for humans.

4. Do Hamsters have any kind of Health Issues due to the Quality of Water?

Yes, Hamsters can have some serious issues when they consume any type of impure water. They can have diarrhea and also start puking. So, keep their water clean.

5. Can Hamsters Die from Dehydration?

Yes, Hamsters can die from dehydration. But not very quickly unless we don’t give them water for a very long time.

Final Words

Now as we learn every point of what type of water hamsters can drink and what kind of water cannot drink.

So, finally, we can see that definitely, hamsters can drink tap water but it is good to give them filtered or any other type of clean and soft water.

We can choose any kind of water that is clean and does not have any kind of hardness in it.

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