How to Clean Hamster Poop: A Perfect Step by Step Guide

Don’t worry, if you have no idea how to clean hamster poop? In this article, we will discuss all possible solutions to clean hamster poop and pee.

little white hamster sit on the padding and their poo collect by small shovel describe how to clean hamster poop

Hamsters are little furry companions. When you bring them into your house, it is your responsibility to provide them with hygienic surroundings.

So, In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through, how you deal with this, let’s talk about cleaning hamster poop in an effective, safe, and hygienic method.

Before we start learning, we should need to know some basics.

Hamster Poop and Its Understanding

Basically, hamsters poop off many times a day, this is because their metabolism system is fast. The poop of the hamster is just the size of grains. You should keep an eye on your hamster routine.

Many times hamsters suffer from stomach diseases, So, they don’t poop off many times, on that time you need to go to Vet and verify if your hamster has any stomach infection?

If your hamster is healthy and fit, it poops several times a day.

Before knowing how to clean hamster poop, you should understand some basics.

Let’s talk about these basics…

Why It is Important to Clean Surroundings?

A hamster is a sensitive little buddy. They need extra care. So, It is very important to keep your hamster healthy and clean.

Some toxic and harmful materials may be dangerous for your hamster’s health.

If you don’t want to go Vet regularly, you should keep their cage neat and clean.

Hamster Poop Types Chart and What Indicates Hamster’s Health

hamster poop types chart infographics

There are different types of hamster poops, like:

  • Healthy: Small, Firm, Dark Coloured Pellets
  • Abnormal in Shape: Paler in Colour, Soft, and Watery
  • Abnormal in Colors: White, Green, or Yellow Color
  • Abnormal: Slimy
  • Abnormal: Soft or Unformed
  • Abnormal: Diahhrea

#1. Small, Firm, Dark-Coloured Pellets

If your hamster poop is usually small in size, firm, and comes in dark-colored pellets, then it tells you that your hamster is healthy.

#2. Paler in Colour, Soft, and Watery

If your hamster scat is soft, watery, and paler in color, it sign that your hamster is ill, has been infected, or suffers from diarrhea disease. The reason may be your hamster drink lots of water or eat something infected. At that time you need to consult with the Vet.

#3. White in Color

This could indicate that your hamster may be getting too many nutrients or that it may not be getting enough of the proper nutrients.

For this, it is necessary for you to give them food in proper quantity and balanced nutrition.

#4. Green and Yellow in Color

When you go for cleaning your hamster poop, suddenly you found, your hamster scat is green or yellow in color. At that time you won’t panic. Maybe it causes by green grass or veggie, so they poop off green and yellow color.

But if they regularly do such green or yellow poop, then it is a concern. It could be a liver infection or digestive problem for your hamster. For this, you consult with your Vet immediately.

How Frequently Do Hamsters Poop or Scat?

how frequently hamster poop boy confused with creamy furr hamster

The answer to this question is many times a day.

A hamster is a small rodent in size. So, their poop is also small in size. If we talk about their size, it is almost 2-7 inches long. The weight of a hamster is about 6-7 ounces on average.

Even, a small baby hamster poop more than an adult, because baby hamster eat more than an adult.

We also discuss that the hamster’s metabolism system is very fast and active. So, they scat many times a day.

If we count the number of their pooping, we could say they poop at least once in an hour. Sometimes this number could be more than once, or sometimes 3-4 times in a whole day, that’s normal.

The food digestion process is pretty fast in their intestine, so when they feel the urge to poop off during eating time, they do.

So, the pet owner doesn’t need to concern if their hamster poops many times a day. When they don’t poop as usual, hamsters feel not good. They start making squeaking noises, then you need to take the necessary steps and do a check-up regarding their health issue.

How to Clean Hamster Poop? A Proper Guide

how to clean hamster poop with items

It’s time to know how to clean your hamster poop. You need to gather the necessary supplies for cleaning the poop:

  • Use of Cleaning Gloves
  • A Scoop or Small Shovel for Collecting Poop
  • Disposable Trash Bags
  • Cleaning Solutions for Removing Stains
  • Use of Paper Towels or Disposable Wipes
  • A Small Broom and Dustpan for Cleaning Poop

Now, start your cleaning task.

Step 1. Preparing Your Workspace

  1. Setting up Cleaning Area
  2. Ensuring good lighting for visibility
  3. Ensure Proper Safety Precautions

Before starting the cleaning process, ensure the workplace is fully designed for cleaning. All cleaning materials should be available on time. The lighting is in proper condition.

At cleaning time all safety precautions are followed by you. Because cleaning is a messy work and you do not want to infected.

Use cleaning gloves, a shovel for poo collecting, use disposal trash bags, use cleaning solutions for hygiene, use paper towels for pee cleaning, and use a small groom for collecting poop from the cage corners.

First, Place your hamster from its cage in another clean cage. For this, you can use gloves.

Now start your cleaning process.

A. Remove all toys, food or water bowls, wheels, and padding out of the cage.

B. Now clean all these items. For cleaning these, use paper towels and disposal wipes. Make sure, Poop and urine stains do not remain on these items. After that keep all these aside.

C. Take the groom and start cleaning the cage inside, Always use a scooper for collecting rodent fecal matter. You can also use a dustpan for collecting surface scat.

D. If you find poop and urine spots on the surface, you can use a toothbrush to remove the surface spots easily.

You can use a cleaning solution on the surface to make it hygienic.

➤ E. Now, use new padding for your hamster. But it is ensured that hamsters are familiar with their old padding. So, for this, you should use some old padding with a new one.

Hamsters are very sensitive about their cage. When you place your hamster back in their cage, they feel that they are in their home, where they lived.

F. At the end, place all the toys, bowls, bottles, and wheels in those places.

G. Now put your hamster in its clean and hygienic home back.

How Often Does Hamster Poop Clean?

It is a common question, How long do you need to clean your hamster cage, daily, weekly, or monthly?

You can use these steps to keep your hamster healthy and strong.

  1. Daily Spot Cleaning
  2. Weekly Cleaning
  3. Monthly Deep Cleaning

#1. Perform Daily Spot Cleaning Process

Daily Spot cleaning is very important to keep your hamster cage clean. For this, you don’t need to move their cage litter or toys out of the cage.

Daily cleaning is not a time-consuming process, just wear cleaning gloves and pick up all visible poop in your furry tiny friend’s cage.

But people ignore the daily spot cleaning, they focus only on weekly cleaning, which is not a good decision.

If people do not clean their cages daily basis, they create an unhygienic environment for their lovely companions.

Why Daily Spot Cleaning is Essential?

It is the best way to maintain a hygienic level for your hamster without disturbing them. Quickly time-saving cleaning process.

After that you can clean the rest of the mess in your weekly cleaning sessions, this will give you the advantage that you will not have to stress about the traces of feces here and there.

#2. Perform Weekly Cleaning Process

Weekly Cleaning is a time-consuming process. So, make a weekly schedule and free your time to give your hamster a healthy and long life.

In weekly Cleaning, you need to remove and replace all bedding and litter, clean the cage or habitat properly, and make the cage sanitize and disinfect.

#3. Monthly Deep Cleaning Process

The Monthly Cleaning Process is the same as the weekly cleaning, but the monthly cleaning is a more time-consuming process.

a. First take the habitat apart and put it in an open area, where lighting properly.

➤ b. Put your hamster from the old cage to the new cage for a while.

➤ c. Remove all objects from the cage.

➤ d. Clean all objects and sanitize them properly.

➤ e. Use a broom and dustpan to remove hamster feces.

➤ f. If stains are seen on the down area, clean it with a toothbrush. It is an effective method for stain removal.

➤ g. Replace the padding from the new one.

➤ h. Check for any needed repairs or replacements, if needed then do it.


1. How often should you clean hamster poop?

You need to clean hamster poop every day and deep clean it once a week.

2. Can You use Dawn dish soap to clean my hamster cage?

Yes, you can use down dish soap or mild hand soap to clean your hamster cage and poop.

3. Do You need to clean my hamster’s poop?

Yes, you need to clean your hamster’s poop. If you do not clean it, your hamster may be infected or ill.

4. What does unhealthy hamster poop look like?

Unhealthy hamster poop looks in different colors: green, white, yellow, paler in color, soft and watery.

5. How to clean a hamster cage effectively?

You need to follow these simple steps for cleaning poop: Daily spot cleaning, weekly cleaning. For cleaning, you can use non-chemical products, shovels, brooms, dustpans, tissue papers, etc.

6. What do if a hamster stepped in poop?

If your hamster stepped in poop, you need to clean do spot cleaning by just dabbing the rag on your hamster’s limbs or the area where you see the feces stains.

7. Is hamster poop unsafe for humans?

Yes, hamster poop is unsafe for humans because there are some bacterias which may be the cause of infection. Whenever you touched the hamster poop, immediately wash your hands.

8. Does Bad Smell Comes from Hamster Poop?

Usually, the bad smell does not come from hamster poop, the reason behind it is, Scat is small and dry so the bad odor does not come. But if your hamster has ill and has suffered from diarrhea, so the hamster has runny poop, this could create a bad smell.

9. How Many Times Does A Hamster Poop A Day?

Sometimes, Hamster poop once every hour, and sometimes they poop 3-4 times a day. This is a common activity.

10. Is This Possible, Can You Train Your Hamster to Poop In One Place?

I think this is not possible, training your hamster to pee is a difficult task. Because hamsters have a robust digestive system, they pee and poop while eating.

Final Words

Cleaning Hamster Poop is a messy task, but if you do it in a proper and maintained way, you can keep your hamster clean and healthy.

For this, we discussed all solutions for how to clean hamster poop.

Even Now, if you have any questions related to hamsters, you can just leave a comment, and we will definitely answer your query.

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