Can Hamsters Eat Cherries? Be Careful Before Serving

Hamsters are tiny little pets popular among πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ different age groups people. They cared a lot for them as a child.

Basically, it is simple to take care of hammies 🏠 at home, but people are always worried about a balanced hamster diet.

Maybe you are one of them, so you are searching for the answer to this question can hamsters eat cherries?

hamster eat red sweet cherries and think can hamsters eat cherries?

Usually, hamsters eat everything, that you serve them. They never deny that every food is not suitable for their health. Therefore, it is good to understand which food they eat and which one is perfect for their health.

There are several types of fruits available in the stores such as 🍎 apples, πŸ“ strawberries, πŸ‰melons, raspberries, 🍌 bananas, blueberries, mangoes, and blackberries. πŸ’ Cherry is one of these.

But Without knowing their nutrient values and vitamins, you can never tell that every fruit is safe and healthy for your hamster.

Therefore it is important to know if can hamsters eat cherries and how to serve them.

To know this, Stay with Us…

Further, in this post, you will learn all the information about cherries and hamsters relation.

Can Hamsters Eat Cherries? A brief Answer

Yes, Hamsters can eat cherries.

Cherries could be a healthier food for your hamster. Cherries are low in calories and vitals of sugar, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other elements contain in high level, which is good-for-your hamster but in moderation.

Source: WebMD, Benefits of Cherries

But before giving cherries to your hamster, you should know how much cherries a hamster can eat.

how many cherries a hamster can eat?

a syrian hamster eating two red and orange cherries with their stem

There are different types of hamster breeds available at present time and giving one or two Cherries to some types of breed hamsters can be a good snack for them, some other species may eat more than this.

1. Syrian Hamsters are bigger in size than other hamsters.

So, you can feed them 1 to 4 slices of cherries, once a week. Feeding too many cherries may cause an upset stomach.

2. If you have a Roborovski Hamster as a pet, then you need to be careful to feeding fruits, which are high in sugar.

Roborovski Hamsters are small in size compared to other types of hamster species.

Therefore you should feed a cherry once in 2 to 3-week intervals.

Take a cherry and chop it into small pieces and serve a small amount of cherry pieces to your little pet.

3. Same as the Roborovski Hamster, Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster is also small in size.

Therefore feed them small pieces of cherry only once in a 1 to week intervals. Too much feeding could be harmful to their health.

4. Chinese dwarf hamsters are very active rodents. They do many activities to burn their energy, so cherry is a perfect energy diet for it. You can give them a cherry once a week.

But you need to check it out, Does your Chinese dwarf hamster eat cherries completely, sometimes they store their food in tunnels.

What are the Benefits of Feeding Cherries to Your Hamster

Feeding cherries to your hamster is good for their hair, and skin, and has some other healthy benefits. Cherries are a good energy-boosting fruit.

A cherry is low in calories and high in Vitamins, and Minerals, which helps to improve the immune system, and skin, reduce excess weight, and improve sleeping.

Here you can see the Table of Nutrients in sweet red cherries amount per 100gram:

NutrientsValues Per 100-gram
Protein2 grams
Saturated Fat0.1 g
Sodium3 m
Potassium173 mg
Total Carbohydrate25 g
Fiber3 grams
Sugar20 grams
Protein1 g
Vitamin C16%
Vitamin B60%

Let’s discuss some health benefits of eating cherries.

#1. Improve Body Skin

Cherries are full of antioxidants and have Vitamin C, which repairs damaged skin tissues and produces glowing natural skin.

It is most beneficial to repair hail falls and maintain hair growth.

If your hamster has an allergic disease then feeding cherries to your hamster could be helpful.

But make sure, don’t give them cherries in high amounts.

#2. Improve Immune System

Antioxidant properties help to boost and maintain the immune system, which fights allergic infections in the body.

It also improves memory functions.

#3. Reduce Excess Weight

Sweet red cherries are high in fiber, so it beneficial to maintaining stomach functions, which helps to reduce weight, and maintain blood sugar levels.

#4. Anti-Aging Properties

The antioxidant properties of a cherry fighting with free radicals and slow down the process of aging.

So, if you give your hamster cherry as a treat, it could increase their lifespan.

Are Cherries Safe for Hamsters?

Yes, there is not any risk to giving cherries to your hammie in moderation.

A Cherries Diet becomes dangerous at that time when you feed it regularly.

Cherries are naturally high in sugar, which turns your pocket friend fatty or upset stomach.

So, whenever you decide to feed cherries to hamsters, always give cherries to your hamster at different time intervals. Never feed regularly.

To make cherries safe food, remove their pit, which is bigger in size than other types of fruit seeds.

How to feed cherries to your hamsters

OK, Now you know almost about can hamsters eat cherry or not. So, here you need to a suitable way of feeding cherries to your hamster to consider their healthy diet.

First, you need to know whether your pocket companion likes cherries or not. Just cut a small piece give it to your furry friend and wait for its reaction.

When you confirm that your pocket friend loves to eat cherries then you go ahead and give cherries in a proper way.

  1. First pick fresh and clean riped cherries.
  2. Double-clean it and wash it thoroughly. If you don’t do this, your hammie could ingest these micro dust particles and bacteria, which become harmful to their healthy life.
  3. Now remove its stem and pit. Otherwise, it causes choking problems.
  4. After removing extra parts, chop the cherry into small pieces or slices.
  5. Give some cutting cherry pieces to your hungry pet hamster. When your hamster is done eating. Remove leftovers to prevent them from rotten. It is necessary because if it remains there, it could make your hamster unhealthy.
  6. You can mix a small banana and a cherry slice.

If you don’t know you can read this can hamsters eat bananas?

Reminder: Always feed cherries to your hamsters in moderation and small amounts.

Some FAQs related to Cherries and Hamsters

1. Can Hamsters Eat Cherry Peels?

Yes, hamsters can eat cherry peels, it is good for hamster health such as hair, skin, and face.

2. Are Cherry Seeds Safe for Hamster Eating?

No, you don’t feed cherry seeds to your hamsters because the cherry pit is a big-sized seed that could be stuck in the hamster’s throat and choke it, or even if they eat it then, some stomach problems occur.

3. Why You Should Give Your Hamster Cherries?

Diversify food is good for your hamsters as a treat. Not only cherries, but some other seeds, fruits, insects, and veggies are good to serve in moderation. Cherries are low in calories and high in energy fruit, which could boost your hamster’s energy level and improve their skin and hair.

Final Words

So, you all understood, can hamsters eat cherries or not?

Usually, Cherries are the safest food for hamsters if it is given to them occasionally. These can be a good diet rich in nutrients and minerals.

But before serving cherries to your hamster, first check this, can they accept it or not?

If they refuse to eat it, do not mix cherries into their diet wittingly.

Other than this, if they eat, then you can serve cherries in different ways. Sometimes mix them with other vegetables, and sometimes with sunflower seeds and a commercially balanced diet.

You can simply spread out some cherries in small slices on the timothy hay, which they can find and eat.

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