How to Make Hamster Treats At Home

Are you passionate about caring for your hamster and want to know how to make hamster treats at home?

So, don’t worry.

how to mak hamster treats at home

In this article, I will provide some homemade treats recipes that could be special for your hamster.

I am also a hamster owner, and whenever I have free time, I always try to make hamster treats at home, which my hammy loves to eat.

I hope you will try to make these homemade recipes for your hamster.

Right, Cool…

Before we start, you should know some basics of the hamster diet, and what kinds of foods are good for making a healthy and balanced nutrient treat.

  • Try to Make a Simple Hamster Treat
  • Avoid Harmful Ingredients
  • Use Proper Balanced Nutrients Treat

Try to Make a Simple Hamster Treats at Home

For making a treat for your hamster, you should be focused on making it simple.

Do not mix it with unwanted ingredients otherwise your hammy could be feeling stomach upset problem.

For these you can use some simple fruits and fresh vegetables, these are:

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Alfalfa pellets
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Apples
  • Cauliflower
  • Carrots
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Banana

Avoid Harmful Ingredients

It is very important to remember that any kind of ingredients are not used in the hamster treat, which creates stomach problems.

There are some ingredients in our kitchen that are very bad for hamster health.

Along with this, these foods are not good for hamsters’ digestive systems.

In this food, some types of foods include:

  • Chocolate
  • Candy
  • Junk food
  • Onions
  • Uncooked beans
  • Potato
  • Avocado
  • Peppers
  • Oil
  • Dairy Products

Use Proper Balanced Nutrients Treat

Obviously, the hamster never disappoints you, if you give them any type of food.


Feeding any type of food is not a good habit for a pet owner.

Fortunately, there is also a commercial balanced diet is available in the market that specially formulated for their dietary needs.

But treats are another small diet that we want to give to our hamster along with a commercial diet.

It is our responsibility that we take care of our pets as much as possible. Because hamsters have their own feelings.

So, you should always make a proper nutrient-balanced treat.

So, these are some key points to keep in mind whenever you go to make hamster treats at home.

Let’s check out, how you can make good hamster treats at home.

Types of Hamster Treats and Their Making Process

Well, you understood about the main 3 types, which you need to consider whenever you make a special treat at home for your little companion.

Now, here we will discuss different types of hamster treats that you can make at home.

  • Make Crunchy Honey Delights
  • Baking a Wholegrain Treat
  • Baking Delicious Egg Treat
  • Making Peanut Butter Treat
  • DIY Healthy Cookie Treat

#1. Make Crunchy Honey Delights

If there is your kid’s summer vacation time, then you can spend it with your kids just doing some ‘cooking activities’.

You can decide to make crunchy honey delights for your little hammy with your children.

To make this special treat at home for your pet hamster, just follow the simple steps:

hamster treat ingredients

A. First take some Cheerios (sugar-free kind), Sesame Seeds, Honey, and Oats.

making hamster treat step 1

B. You need to crush Cheerios with pack them into a small plastic or other kind of bag.

making hamster treat step 2

C. After that take a bowl and pour it with some sesame seeds, oats, and Cheerios and mix it together.

making hamster treat step 3

D. Drizzle honey over the mixture and coat it well.

making hamster treat step 4

E. After coating it with honey, just mold the mixture into small balls that your hamster can hold easily.

making hamster treat step 5

F. Then put these balls on a baking tray and into the fridge for 14-15 minutes.

Set your oven temperature to 190 degrees and put the balls tray into it.

After 8-10 minutes of baking, take out these balls and let them cool completely.

making hamster treat step 6

G. Now, it’s time to taste test, does your hammy like the new treat?

making hamster treat step 7

Yummy, I’m sure your pocket friend loves the crunchy honey delight.

#2. Baking Whole Grain Treats

To make a “wholegrain treat for your hamster at home”, you need some ingredients:

baking wholegrains treat for your hamster

Put all these raw ingredients into a small bowl and stir until well mix.

Then add some hot Tap water or RO water to it and mix, until it has not formed a little bit sticky.

If the mixture is a little watery add some wholegrain flour to make it stiff enough.

Now, use your hand and mold it in your desired shape.

It is remember that the mold can’t be too big or too small, make a perfect size shape that your hamster munching it perfectly.

You can try to make a heart mold that gives you and your hamster the cutest treat.

After that take all the molds on a plate and put them into the microwave for just 4 minutes.

After 2 minutes turn the treats over. By doing this, treats will cook perfectly on both sides.

Let them cool! and now you are ready to serve this whole-grain treat to your furry friend.

#3. Baking Delicious Egg Treats

An egg treat could be a perfect protein treat for a hamster.

So, to make it, basically, you need an egg and some other food such as fruits, fresh veggies, and seeds whatever your hamster loves to eat.

baking egg treat for your hamster

To make your recipe easy,

  • For fruits: – you can use Apples and bananas.
  • For Nuts: – you can use: Sunflower seeds, walnuts, and cashews.
  • For vegetables: – you can use celery, broccoli, corn, and cucumber.

Let’s start to make an egg treat, just follow these simple steps,

  • First, preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  • Shred and grate at least 1 cup total of 2-3 veggies. If you do have not a grater you can chop it into small pieces.
  • Now, beat an egg until its yolk and whites do not mix completely.
  • Take a non-stick mini muffin baking tray, to make a perfect size mini-cupcake.
  • Put approximately 1 teaspoon of veggies in every cup.
  • After that just pour the beaten egg over the veggies and leave some room on the muffing cup.
  • Now, let them stir for just combined egg and veggies very well.

Last, bake them for at least 15-20 minutes until the egg is not cooked thoroughly.

Of course, it’s hard enough to check is egg cooked or not.

So, to check if your egg treat is cooked well, you can use a toothstick or skewer.

If the skewer comes out clean, then it’s clear that the hamster treat is ready to serve, but needs to be cool.

So, let them cool, and serve egg treats to your hamster in limited amounts.

#4. Making Peanut Butter Hamster Treat

Peanut Butter is rich in calories, so always use peanut butter treats occasionally.

The making process of this recipe is very easy.

making peanut butter treat for hamsters

You just need Peanut Butter, Chewing Sticks, and Some veggies, fruits, and seeds.

You can buy chewing sticks online at the Amazon Store.

Right, Let’s start cooking…

  • First, cut veggies and fruits into small pieces, you can grate them.
  • Make a combined mixture of some fruits, veggies, and seeds.
  • Now, take the chewing stick, 2-3 or how much you want.
  • Dip a chew stick into a peanut butter container, maybe, it could be a messy task for you.
  • After sticking peanut butter on the chews just roll out it on the mixture you made.
  • Cover the chew stick very well and you can use some seeds to sprinkle on it.
  • Now, place chewing sticks in the freezer to be hard.

Wooyah! Your peanut butter hamster treat is ready to serve.

You can tie it to a hamster’s cage so that your hamster does a little bit of hard work for eating it.

#5. DIY Healthy Hamster Treat

diy healthy hamster treat

So, to make this DIY Healthy Hamster Treat, you need some ingredients that’s are:

different type ingredients fruits, oats, flour and water to making diy treat for hamster

  • Fruits/ Veg: some blueberry, raspberry, and carrot slices.
  • Water: for blending.
  • Flour: you can use buckwheat because it’s the healthiest flour.
  • Oats
blending blurberries to making diy treat

1. First, you take veg/fruits and put some water in it, then blend it.

You need to make all fruits/veggies juice separately.

different types ingredients for making diy hamster treat

2. Now use bowls and pour it with a few oats around a teaspoon or more, It depends on how much treat you want to make.

After that put some flour in oats and mix juice in it.


diy treat dough shapes cuting

3. Now make its dough, if your mixture is a little bit watery, then you can add some flour to make it sticky.

Then use different shape cookie cutters and cut them into the cutest shapes whatever you want.

put cutting shapes on baking tray and put it into oven

4. Now place all shapes in the baking tray and bake it for 10 minutes at 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

After 10 minutes take them out of the oven and let them cool.

hamsters eat diy healthy treat and enjoy

5. You are ready to serve it to your hamsters as a great small treat.

Additionally, It’s quite hard so don’t go bad fast.

So, you can serve this DIY healthy cookie treat to your hamster once or twice a week.

Final Words

I hope you will learn how to make hamster treats at home easily.

Always give treats to your hamster in moderation, not more than two or three times a week.

All homemade hamster treats are very easy to make and you don’t need any extra ingredients, often all ingredients are available in our kitchen.

If you have any queries or suggestions for me, you can comment below, I will try to give you better knowledge.

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