Can Hamsters Eat Dog Food?

Unfortunately, If you are a hamster lover like me, it is a common question that comes into your mind can hamsters eat dog food?

can hamsters eat dog foods

Although, various options are available in the market for hamster food rather than dog food.

But if you have a dog with a tiny little friend then you may be curious to feed dog food to your hamster.

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So, we start this post with our main query, then we go deep and you will know all about dog food and hamster food.

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Can Hamsters Eat Dog Food? A perfect Answer

“No, Hamsters can’t eat dog food.”

Dogs and Hamsters are different types of pet animals.

Obviously, both live together, but when there is something about diet, there are more differences.

Also, Dogs and Hamsters are both omnivorous, so dogs and hamsters can eat meat and veggies but their diet and nutrition are different from each other.

So, if you made up your mind to feed dog food to your hammie, then stop.

Before offering dog food to your hamster, you need to know all about it.

  • Is dog food safe for hamsters?
  • What are the differences between dog and hamster food?
  • Some common food for dogs and hamsters.

Why Dog Food Is Not Safe for Hamsters?

dog food

As before we discuss, obviously both are omnivorous but dogs need a much higher protein and fat diet rather than a little hammie.

When a dog comes as a pet in the home, then they eat some kind of veg foods but their eating nature is always carnivorous.

On the other side, hamsters mostly depend on vegetables, fruits, and seeds and sometimes they eat meat or insects if you give them.

However, if you never feed meat or insects to hamsters in their whole life they don’t try to make any effort toward such kinds of food.

In contrast, dog food mostly is based on animal protein and fat, which is not good for hamsters’ health.

“Dogs need a high-protein and fatty animal diet to make them strong, and dogs’ digestive systems are already prepared for this.”

If you give these types of dog food to your hamster, their small digestion system isn’t able to lots of protein and fat, so your hammie could become obese and have some health problems.

For these reasons, dog food reduces your pocket friend’s lifespan.

Differences between Dog Food and Hamster Food

In the wild, most dogs depend on their carnivorous diet. They hunt other animals for their meal.

Same as, hamsters depend mostly on green vegetables, fruits, and seeds.

To find their food, hamsters run miles and miles. If they could not find one of these the last option is only insects and insect larvae.

Below, I mentioned all these differences, you should read these…

  • Hamsters need six basic nutrients that are water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins but dogs need mostly animal protein and fat.
  • An Adult Dog needs 5.5% fat and 18-28% protein and hamsters need 12-16% protein and 4-5% fat in their daily diet.
  • Hamsters need fiber in their food which is an essential nutrient, but it is not essential for dogs.
  • Leafy veggies and a well-balanced nutrient diet are necessary for hamsters, but the dog can sustain a completely protein-based diet.

Which dog food is suitable for Hamsters, Wet or Dry?

Although, both wet and dry dog food are high in protein and fat.

But dry dog food is significantly lower in protein and fat than wet food.

If you want to serve dog food to your pocket friend you can go with dry food occasionally as a treat.

But you should never offer Wet dog food for your hamster, it could be harmful to them.

If you try to feed wet dog food to your little companions, they can become obese and have some stomach problems.

So, the best choice is not to offer either dry or wet dog food to your hamster.

Some Common Food Between Dogs and Hamsters

First of all, if you want to offer your hamster other animal food, you need to consult with your Veterinarian.

If you do have not a Vet near you, so for this, I researched and found some better options for both dogs and hamsters.

You can choose one of the common foods and serve it to the dog and hamsters, which you want.

Chew Toy

Timothy Hay is the best option for both pet animals. You can feed hay to your dog occasionally.

For hamsters, the best option of offering Timothy Hay is that you can mix it with their beddings.

So, it is the best option to wear down your hamster teeth.

You can replace Timothy Hay with some hard chewing toys that can help to wear down dog and hamster teeth.

Corn And Soy

corn and soy for dog and hamsters

While most dog foods are rich in protein and fat, some dry dog foods have lower these substances.

Which can be a good occasional treat for your hamster and dog.

Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats contains corn and fillers like corn and soy that are suitable for your hammy.

Different Fruits and Vegetables

If you have a dog as a pet, you notice that they can eat some fruits and veggies such as sliced apples (without seeds or core), carrots, blueberries, and cucumber.

These are common in both dogs and hamsters.


Can Hamsters Eat Dry Dog Food?

Yes, hamsters can eat dry dog food.

Is Dog Food Safe For Hamsters?

Food that is specially made for a dog is not safe for hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Dog Biscuits?

Yes, hamsters can eat dog biscuits but in small quantities to shorten their teeth.

Can My Hamsters Eat Dog Chocolate?

No, You should never feed your dog chocolate to your hamsters. It is toxic and harmful to hamsters’ health.

Final Words

I hope you will get your answer can hamsters eat dog food or not?

Lastly, I suggest you never try to experiment with dog food which is specially designed only for dogs.

Because it could be dangerous for your hamsters and make them ill, obese, and stomach upset.

If you have any queries or suggestions for me, just comment below.

I can try to do my best and improve it.

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