Do Hamsters Eat Apples? It’s Nutrition Secrets

When you think about an adequate diet, a question must come to your mind, Which fruit is included in a good diet? And if you have a furry friend, you may wonder: Do hamsters eat apples?

do hamsters eat apples

Hamsters are little furry pets, so you need to be careful about their diet plan.

It’s not always advisable to feed your hamster a variety of nutritionally balanced commercial foods made specifically for hamsters that are available in the 🛒 market.

Sometimes, we should feed them some fruits like 🍌 bananas, 🍎 apples, 🍑 peaches, etc. because hamsters eat everything, like humans.

Hamsters may also enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables occasionally.

So in today’s post, we will know whether apples can also be a good nutritious food for hamsters.

We will also know the benefits and disadvantages of 🍎 apples for hamsters.

So, Let’s deep down.

Which Fruits Can Hamster Eats?

Well, there are many types of foods available in the market.

Among all these, check out the list of which fruits hamsters like to eat.

S. No.Fruits Suitable for Hamsters to Eat
1🍎 Apples
2🍑 Apricots
3🍌 Bananas
4🍇 Blueberries
7🍒 Cherries
9🌴 Dates
10🌰 Figs
11🍇 Grapes
12🍈 Honeydew
13🥝 Kiwis
14🥭 Mangos
16🍋 Papaya
17🍑 Peaches
18🍐 Pears
19🍍 Pineapples
21🍓 Raspberries
22🍓 Strawberries
23🍉 Watermelon

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Do Hamsters Eat Apples? Comprehensive Guide

First, the answer to this question is, Yes. Hamsters can eat apples enjoying.

It is a thing to keep in mind, you need to feed your hamster apple in moderation.

Moderation = 1-2 times a week, feed them an apple, 🥄 half a teaspoon.

Along with Fiber, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C are in large quantities, and Fat in less quantity is found in apples. These vitamins and fats provide nutrition to the hamster’s food.

Although apples are rich in nutrients, if you feed more than a certain amount of apples to your hamster, it can be harmful to them.

Let’s Understand, what are the benefits of feeding apples to hamsters and what are its disadvantages.

Apples Health Benefits for Hamsters

5 health benefits of an apple for hamsters

If hamsters are given a certain amount of apples to eat, then there are many benefits of eating apples for them:

#1. Full of Antioxidant

Full of Antioxidant and Red Apple

Apple is a fruit with antioxidant properties. Its consumption reduces the risk of disease in hamsters. Antioxidants are substances that prevent or delay damage to 🦠 cells caused by free radicals.

It also often helps reduce the risks of developing certain cancers, heart disease, and diabetes.

#2. Full of Vitamin A

Full of Vitamin A and Red Apple

Vitamin A is present in abundance in apples, which keeps the hamster away from liver problems.

Vitamin A is also essential for many parts of the hamster’s body such as skin, hair, teeth, and gums.

Sometimes due to its deficiency, the problem of dry skin occurs. Therefore, Vitamin A is very important for the formation and repair of skin cells.

#3. Full of Vitamin C

Full of Vitamin C and Red Apple

Apples also contain vitamin C, which is essential for hamsters to have a healthy immune system. Sometimes hair loss in a hamster indicates a vitamin C deficiency.

Vitamin C is a beneficial vitamin in keeping hamsters disease-free.

Apples provide a good dose of vitamin C, which is essential for a healthy immune system to keep your hamster healthy and disease-free.

However, small animals do not require much vitamin C.

Still, it is advisable to give some Vitamin C to keep the hamster’s immune system strong.

#4. Full of Fiber

Full of Fiber Green and Red Apple

In an Apple, fiber is also available. It is beneficial for the treatment of the digestion system.

An apple is a healthy snack for hamsters because of the minimum calories in it.

You need to feed your little furry friend Apple with its peel.

The peel of an apple is full of fiber and hamsters also enjoy chewing peels.

So, feed your little companion a green or red apple with its peel.

#5. An Apple Keeps the Vet Away

An Apple Keeps the Vet Away

You may have often heard that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it is not that you will never have to go to the doctor.

Yes, this is true, eating apples keeps many diseases away.

Which also protects your hamster from getting sick and keeps you away from vets.

Some Health Risks of Apples for Hamsters

Along with the benefits of everything, there are also some disadvantages.

Similarly, for hamsters, along with the benefits of eating apples, there are also some disadvantages.

Which is very important for you to know.

If you give an apple to a hamster to eat without keeping these things in mind, then the life of your little furry companion may be in danger.

Let go…

#1. Start with Leisurely

When you decide to feed your lovely companion an apple, you should not give them apples right away.

You should not limit your partner to just fruits or vegetables, but provide all of these at regular intervals along with their major meals.

So that they can get a balanced diet with proper nutrients.

Give very small amounts of food in the beginning. About 1/4 portion, a day a week.

In this way, you can increase the quantity of apples and give the hamster to eat apples at least two days a week.

But do not give more than half a spoon.

This is because eating too many apples can cause problems in the liver or the digestive system not working properly.

Generally, high sugar content in apples can lead to problems like obesity and diabetes.

#2. Don’t Serve Apple with Its Seeds

Don't Serve Apple with Its Seeds

A chemical called cyanide is usually found in apple seeds, which can prove fatal for your hamster.

If you feed your friend an apple with seeds, they will happily gnaw on the apple seeds, which contain a substance called cyanide, with their tiny gnawing teeth.

Due to this your little friend may die. If you have a dwarf hamster, then apple seeds are very poisonous for them.

So, you need to be very careful while serving them apples.

#3. Don’t Feed them Large Pieces of Apple

Don't Feed them Large Pieces of Apple

You should feed apples to your hamster in small pieces. Although hamsters love to eat apples with the peel on, if they are given a large piece of apple to eat, their small teeth may make it difficult to tear off the piece.

It may get stuck in their throat, and Due to this, there is a possibility of suffocation.

#4. Don’t Feed without Proper Wash

When you bring apples from the market, there are many bacteria or chemicals stuck on it.

If you don’t wash these apples and feed them to your hamster, it may cause stomach problems.

Therefore, when you go to feed apples to your little friend, first of all, scrub and wash the apples thoroughly so that the pesticides and chemicals on them are cleaned.

How to Feed Apples to Your Hamsters

Every time, it is not a good decision to feed hamsters apples only in half teaspoon pieces or small cubes.

There are other serving methods that you can use for you and them.

Now, if you made up your mind to feed your furry friend apples.

So, you can use these different methods to feed them.

Which are:

A. Shred Apples into Small Pieces

Shred Apples into Small Pieces

It is the best solution to feed apples to your little buddy. You should take a small piece of an apple and grate it.

Now, you can feed your hamster just like that or you can mix it with their commercial daily food.

By doing this, hamsters eat apples easily and small pieces are not stuck in their throat.

B. Make It Truffles

Make Apple Tuffles

Hamsters often love truffles. For this, you can make truffles using some dry fruits along with apples and feed them.

Since you’re planning on feeding your hamster apples, why not make apple truffles and feed them to him?

For this, add half a seedless apple, one date, and a tablespoon of nuts or oats in the food processor and blend the entire mixture until it becomes slightly thick.

When it becomes coarse, take it out with your hands in a vessel. Make small truffle balls from the mixture.

Now keep them in the freezer and freeze them well, because hamsters eat frozen truffles with pleasure.

C. Make a Shake

Make Apple Shake

Another method of feeding apples to your hamster, make an apple tasty shake.

For this, just take a seedless apple piece, a banana, some oats, and yogurt in a blender. Blend it perfectly.

When your shake is prepared, serve in a small bowl or cup.

Hamster like and eat it enjoyingly.

Final Words

It could be beneficial for hamster’s health to feed them apples, although excess feeding of apples may be harmful too.

Occasionally, apples should be added to their food and veggies and fed them.

So, I hope you understand very well, the answer of Do Hamsters Eat Apples?

You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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